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Creative mind map 2

Transcript: Too messy: I wanted to put too many information and found so many relation between each of them. I didn't pick the right relations. Creativity VS Marketing Not Enough Creative: I used the model I've learned in other classes to create my mind map. What Was Wrong With My First Mind Map ? The video that inspired me the most this semester -Not enough knowledge: I realized that a clear and creative message has to be CLEAR. Clayton Christensen: Milkshake theory, branding and marketing management is not efficient anymore. Segmentation problem, generalization of the consumer segmentation. Creativity VS Marketing Link with my first mind map ? => STEVE JOBS "We don't need to ask the people what they need or want because they don't know, let's create a need" He is an author that inspired me, I understand his believes and do not do the same mistakes than him. After all, is everything we do creative in our own way? Basadur: Being proactive, defining new problems , solving the problems and implementing new solutions = Leaders. A good process doesn't always mean a good content, but a bad process means a bad content. How creativity can be used somewhere else than in marketing? Science? Be creative to find now cure -Quality and Power -Brainstorming -Tools -Create -Make a difference -Business -Need Everything is a remix: Do we keep repeating the same message to the people or do we use the same way to spread new messages? The marketing dimension of Creativity The topic we talked about? The group thing which is what at the end marketers are trying to create to make the consumer consume more and more. -Message different kinds -Innovation -Ideas -Vision -Inspire -Craziness -Consumer need Originate New Questions Impact of creativity on the message marketers want to spread to the consumer How can I use my believes and my creativity to reach my goals?

Denise's Creative Mind Map

Transcript: Finding Creativity Creative strategies, not just creative copy How to solve problems in a creative way Work Experience Marissa Mayer This video went viral and was shared throughout various social media platforms. It really got people thinking and intrigued without revealing any sort of branding. When the second video was released showing how it was a prank for the movie Carrie, that video got even more views! Denise Wang Malcom Gladwell Worked on the Global Product Team MasterCard has the most acceptance worldwide Created the capabilities for an affluent application Got to volunteer as a brand ambassador during World MasterCard Fashion Week Career in Fashion Marketing Thought Leaders Top 3 Most Creative Things I've seen in marketing This campaign since its inception, has captivated audiences of all ages by using popular figures in their lives. The campaign still continues to grow and has not only helped the milk industry but also shows how campaigns can be updated and remain relevant. Got Milk? Steve Jobs This showed the world how effective real time marketing could be. Oreo was able to comment on something that was relevant and used humour to attract the audience. Without spending money on a SuperBowl commercial, Oreo's ad was the most remembered. Jeff Bezos Toronto start up Education company World's largest online social learning network dedicated exclusively to international education Worked on their biz dev team Denise's Creative Mind Map Passions Topics I want to explore The End. Jack Dorsey

Mind Map Template

Transcript: Inside the mind, chaotic, confusing paths? Progression of put together to insane? First half: smooth Second half: gesture line Inspirations History of art History of the world Religion and beliefs? Greek and Roman mythology History of styles of art Manipulating space between forms Hanging objects? Gluing together? Using forms to create new form Ex. buttons making a face Possible project ideas Architecture and manmade structures 3D building Mediums Clay Wood Carving? Style: Block printing Wire Create figures Principle of Art: proportion and scale We don't know what will come Emphasize fear? Intense value Emphasize multiple outcomes? Angel versus devil History Color Gothic Renaissance Baroque Romanticism Realism Impressionism Expressionism Cubism Surrealism Pop art Proportion and scale Harmony and Discord Family conflict Versus good memories Divorce versus marriage Twins? Identical but still 2 individual people Art through time Split figure portraying society's standards of beauty versus personal inner beauty Caricatures of "perfection" Peeling off skin of makeup to reveal bare flesh/muscle underneath Negative side effects of surgery, makeup, etc Harmony and Unity EMOTION Possible project ideas emotions inspiring my art... The Mysterious Maze of Caitlin's Mind... Melanie Martinez: Mrs. Potato Head Why color? Line Emotional and personal dilemmas Simplicity/Minimalist Distorted/Abnormal caricatures playing off concept of "perfection" what lengths do we go to to fit the standard of "pretty"? "Don't be dramatic it's only some plastic No one will love you if you're unattractive" Leonid Afremov Hiromi Moneyhun Central Topic/Inspiration Inspirations Hobbies, interests and activities Use objects to create larger version of that object? Ex. Use shells to make a larger shell Miniature model of clothing? Portraiture and the human form The unknown My personal interests Art Swim The Cummer Museum Conflicting interests Me: Art Brian: Boy Scouts Patrick: Music Principle: Harmony and Unity Heavily inspired Leonid Afremov piece Portray person Elongated and graceful Dancer? Swimmer? Theme of love A couple at the beach Highlighting one or more specific aspects of the piece Central focus point of piece Possibly emphasize a minor detail? Single shape in the corner in a detailed piece? Paint Acrylic Watercolor Pastel Dry or oil Colored pencil Colored ink Marker Copic Perception of unity? Balance with unity and chaos? Different people, but unity in the bond of siblings Music Different notes put together sound pleasant Vanitas Inspirations Scratching at surface Xacto knife? Papercutting Simplistic subject Form and Space Odd Unusual Different Unique Avant garde Possible project ideas In my life? In my family? In friendships? At Stanton? In the US? In the world? Emphasis....Color? Series of pictures showing conflict then harmony in siblings Photographs? Use own siblings Different types of family interaction Paper cuts of figures Full body Face only Paper cuts over figures Mask-like? Sketches of figures showing emotion Word shading with emotion Inspirations I don't usually enjoy working in color, even though I love colorful artwork and the harmony in colors Colors show strong emotion Color guide Show passage of time Positive and negative aspects Mixed media? Different mediums represent different time periods? Paint versus sculpture? Art history Possible project ideas Sculpture Natural/Normal proportionate human figures concept that "perfection is normal" modern beauty standards? Conceptual and theoretical ideas Possible project ideas Inspirations Possible project ideas Inspirations Contour Gesture Shading? Chaotic hatching? Word shading Show movement and emphasis Abstract idea portrayed in art Love Time Beauty Etc. What we cannot see The unknown Heaven and hell? Internal conflict Emphasis Drawings Word shading Describe person Charcoal Pen Papercutting? Layered cutouts? Scratchboard Technique: Sgraffito Time Possible project ideas Chaos Emphasis Inner versus outer beauty Fixation on creating the best exterior possible weight loss, makeup, surgery, etc "real" bodies versus magazines Beauty over time 100 Years of... Beauty Eyeliner Pageant makeup Dresses Beauty icons Inspirations Sean Kelly (Project Runway season 13 winner) Kini Zamora (Project Runway season 13 and Project Runway All Stars) Everyday objects Transformed into new objects Recycling "Found" objects Shells, stones, leaves, etc Elements of art Form Space Beauty Possible project ideas Paint styles of art on people Different ways of painting people through time Or: White paint to be sculpture Just face? Or full body? Maximum Ride by James Patterson Inspirations Arturo Leal Personal inspiration Showcasing my emotional journey? Mental illness Mediums Charcoal Ink Pastel? Pen Word shading Element: Line You can't have a lot of detail if you want to use a sgraffito technique Sgraffito would interfere with the detail Looks messy Simple human form/face without depth?

Creative Mind Map

Transcript: At the conclusion of this class: Some Closing Comments! (Something I never thought about before) (Something I thought was a really important topic) Be open to The first episode can be found here! (Ending may be NSFW!-warning) My Misconceptions about creativity: Music in advertising April 3, 2014 MORE DIVERGENCE Through the generation and testing of hypothesis, it is possible to discover trends and correlations between different elements of creativity. By thinking of creativity as a science as well as an art, suddenly there is so much more theory to understand, test and utilize. Frameworks and structure can actually enhance the creative process and does not have to be juxtaposed with idea generation. By striving to understand WHY people respond certain way to different stimuli, we understand the fundamentals of how certain goals can be achieved and have more ammunition when the times comes to instigate creative thinking. This was a pretty interesting topic. So interesting in fact that I had an hour conversation with all 5 of my roommates (science, math and accounting students) about it and they all expressed interest in being in this class. The idea that through hypothesis generation and the fulfilling or denial of expectations, music can influence the way we think is crazy. It makes alot of sense, but it is definitely something that has never crossed my mind, and prompted my desire to be more inquisitive. The relationship between art, music, design, framing, and general direction with the way creative projects are perceived is intrinsically interesting, as it blurs the line between cognitive sciences, business and art. This is a topic I will also explore in depth going forwards. FOR: BU492 Glen Drummond V2.0 Revamp Some Reflections The connection between marketing and creativity is still a hard one to pin down. With the rise of social media, better production technologies and saturation of crazy ideas, it only becomes harder and harder to make marketing campaigns stand out with only creativity. . Validity vs. Reliability Prior to this class: [100444030] I want to thank you again for making this class such a pleasure to attend every week. Through the class discussions and content I was able to learn many things about creative thinking, and it challenged and changed many perceptions I had coming in to the class. Who knows! Maybe our paths will cross again in the future! It is a small world after all. Marketing and Creativtiy Creativity is all about exposure to new ideas and experience. There should be no formal structure to creativity as structure works against the concept of creative thinking and limits ideas. Creativity cannot be quantified, bottled up or represented by theory, it is an intangible notion that some people have and some people don't. After seeing the feedback from my blog post about the role of a devils advocate, I now realize I am kind of a pessimistic person. Is it wrong to say I sometimes enjoy poking holes in ideas? The thinking hats process we touched on in class seems like a much more structured way to brainstorm. In my past ways I would write off dumb ideas as dumb ideas, but sometimes they can end up working just with some minor adjustments. Look at Twitter.. When I first heard of Twitter I thought it was dumb and would never take off.. but surprise. I know nothing. All ideas need a bit of sunshine before it is subjected to the Colosseum to face the incumbents. According to the profiling exercise in class I am a Generator type. This only highlights the importance of an open mind when it comes to brainstorming. . Creative Mind Map < It appears I am a black hat.. Yichen He As a "creative" individual I never had high regard for reliable testing methods. Numbers and data are for those boring stogy people doing analytic work, creative insight can't be quantified. But since then I have come to a temporary point of reconciliation - through testing hypothesis and analyzing results, we may be able to slowly connect different areas of qualitative traits to quantifiable measures. With the increase in computing power, can this be achieved? A critical issue we must deal with on our quest for creativity is setting benchmarks so we know how close we are in achieving our goals. And there lies another crucial aspect of quantitative metrics in reporting. When it came to creative thinking, my old process was to simply come up with a bunch of ideas, pick the best and roll with it. The final idea would have gone through multiple iterations before it is finalized. It is interesting this process has been identified as the Diverge, Converge, Repeat theory. While in past experiences groups are wary of diverging again after the initial idea brainstorming process for the fear of scope creep. However it is interesting to note that both according to this theory and my personal experience, creativity does tend to flourish when there are multiple cycles of the process, as the additional divergence steps allow for

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