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Communication Skills Powerpoint Template

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Communication Skills

Transcript: What is Communication? 6 We are only interested in others, when they are interested in us! Questions? 1. Become genuinely interested in other people. DON'Ts Fundamental Techniques in Handling People Ask questions Take notes, when important to remember Communication Barriers 4. Get the other person saying “YES,YES” 2. Language Barriers -Keep the objective short and direct. -The executive summary may be sufficient. -Even if you disagree, this type of people will respect you for it. Expressive Communication Skills 3 Driver S: face the other Squarely. O: adopt an Open posture. L: Lean towards the other. E: make Eye contact. R: be relatively Relaxed. 1. Psychological Barriers Autocratic Takes risks Very result focus Decision Taker Strong eye contact Hides feelings Changes mind fast Walk fast 1. Don’t criticize, condemn or complain. Behavioral Styles Center of attraction Change their places Body language and eye contact Speaks loud and fast Sun seeker Thinks out loud7 Humorous Rotates easily to strangers Let's Play ;) -Interrupt, try to finish the sentence for the sender. -Smoke, bite nails, or chew pens. -Tap finger or feet. -Openly disagree like (no). -Say, yes but … -Most perfectionist -Seeks standards -Concentrates on details-High criticism and low compliment-Systematic and organized-Task oriented-Doesn’t take risks -Prefers to work alone-Lean back and low body language-Thinks before speaking-Says ‘I don’t know’-Talks about facts-Points and numbers 3. Arouse an eager want. Summary -Communication Cycle -Types of Communication -How to Win Friends and Influence People -Dos & Don’ts -Active Listening -Communication Barriers 5. Talk in terms of the other person’s interests. Visual Amiable Extremely friendly Open to opinion Doesn’t get angry Identified tasks Delays decision taking Patient Warm voice Avoids direct answer Build relationships easily 2. Give honest & sincere appreciation. 5. Let the other person do a great deal of the talking Ways to make people like you 6. Make the other person feel important & do it sincerely. 6 3. Remember Names. React physically How to deal with Analytical? How to deal with an Expressive? 2. Begin in A Friendly Way. -Anticipate questions. -These people will get you on the details! -Discussions should be build to a logical conclusion. -Use inductive reasoning and demonstrate a methodology, logical approach or process. How to deal with Amiable? Analytics 3. Show respect for others’ opinions. Never say: ”You’re wrong” 1. Avoid Arguments. DOs 6. Try honestly to see things from the other person’s point of view -Feed the ego. -Be passionate about your opinions.-Validate the vision and paint a picture to persuade him. -Don’t overlook the importance of establishing personal rapport with every interaction. -Consider the impact of decisions on people and their feelings. -Plan on investing time Let's Play ;) Let's Play ;) Techniques for Better Communication Auditory Focus on what they are saying -Listen with opened arms and legs and body forward -Keep eye contact. -Ensure the agreement. -Use terms like yes and certainly. -Rephrase Personality Analysis Ways to win People to your way of thinking 3. Individual Linguistic Ability Representational Systems 4. Physical Barriers Show interest 4. Be a good listener & Encourage others to talk about themselves. 2. Smile Active Listening Kinesthetic 5. Emotional Barriers Types of Communication Let's Play ;) Steps to successful Communication How to deal with a Driver? Let's Play ;)

Communication powerpoint

Transcript: To register for "walk for wishes" go to: or scan this QR code According to Make-A-Wish, 89% of doctors said that wish kids can experience better their health ( In the 2013 year, Make-A-Wish granted around 220,000 wishes and each wish costs around $8,141 There is more to the Make-A-Wish Organization than just sending dying kids to Disney World Kids can wish to go, to be, to meet, to have, and to give Donating to Make-A-Wish will allow more kids’ wishes to be granted, and their lives improved Chris, The First Wish Thousands of kids pass away each year due to tragic diseases and conditions Cancer is most life threatening Every kid has a dream and wishes to change it to reality Donations can make dreams come true Need for money to fulfill these less fortunate children's wishes (QR code made at: An Introduction Make-a-wish grants a wish, on average, once every 38 minutes. A child is referred to the program about once every 28 minutes. The foundation cannot keep up with the amount of wishes it receives. Therefore, more donations would allow for more wishes to be granted, and perhaps everyone's will be if enough donations are received. This is Chris Greicius, a little boy with Leukemia His wish was to "catch bad guys" with the Arizona Department of Public Safety On April 29, 1980, he was given a tour along with a hat and uniform The officers set up cones for him to drive a battery-powered motorcycle through, in order for him to earn his motorcycle officer's wings Chris returned to the hospital when the officers went to present his wings He passed away on May 3rd with his wish fulfilled To donate go to Alexander Looks Back On His Wish TO find out more about volunteering go to to the Make a Wish Foundation A wish come true helps children feel stronger, more energetic, more willing and able to battle their life-threatening medical conditions. For many, the wish marks a turning point in the fight against their illnesses. Doctors, nurses and other health professionals say, the wish experience works in concert with medicine to make their patients feel better emotionally and even physically. That is why wishes matter. That is why we grant wishes. (Make a- Wish) Conclusion When Alexander was 9, he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukhemia. As soon as she found out about his diagnosis, his mother sought out the Make-A-Wish Foundation to have Alexander's wish, to go bug hunting, granted. That same year, Make-A-Wish sent Alexander and his entire family to the Panama Canals in order to grant his wish. While he was there he saw all new plants and animals, held an iguana and even had a bee named after him. His mother even went on to say recently "It remains the greatest trip our family has ever taken." Now 21, Alexander said there's not a day that goes by that he doesn't think about his wish that was granted. He talks about how much of an impact the wish made and how he owes Make-A-Wish for giving him the joy to continue his fight that he eventually beat against leukemia. He's now a student at Center Washington University studying Environmental Sciences. There is not enough money going into the organization to fulfill all of the kids wishes

Communication Template

Transcript: the think i am very knowledgeable and a great presenter i am going to tell my parents i want a new pet in clear and concise words and the general idea is to get a pet as soon as possible what interest does your audience have? what are you going to say in your message, how are you going to phrase it? what is the general idea of the message midday or at night no how will their interest affect how you communicate your message? yes, because it has to be when my parents are winding done a plan and a goal it will tell me if my topic is important to them or not or powerpoint what time of day will your communication be made? Parents about 10 minutes to convey my full message because they know my history of credible ideas to get a new pet how long will it take? How much thought and effort they will put into listening to my message all at once so as not to tire them it will give my presentatiion a specific structure is there any vocabulary that needs to be defined? if so what is it? yes they would but it will only be a day or so, and it will be word of mouth what is the ultimate goal of your communication? how will their voluntary or involuntary attendence affect the way you communicate your message? what type of media will you use to convey your message? their interest in the topic will vary Does your communication need to be made at a certain time so that your audience will be most receptive to your message? Why or why not? Does your audience need advance notice prior to your communication? How much advance notice should you give them? How will you provide the advance notice? Will your information be delivered all at once or in bits and pieces over the course of days/weeks/months? they will look for the greater effect of having a pet Politics how will their age affect how you communicate your message? what age is your audience? middle age 40's-50 Audience Analysis what does your audience want and need from you? prezi what does the audience think of you as an presenter? who is your audience? how will their wants and needs affect how you will communicate your message? how will their view of you as presenter affect how you communicate your message? why is your audience listening to your presentation?

Communication Powerpoint

Transcript: Concise Make sure your paper has a purpose. Plan for the audience, and how you are going to reach them. :) Organizing! THE END! :) Shaylee Drummond :) Make sure everything is organized! No one likes to clean a messy room..just like no one likes to read a confusing paper. Complete Don't use false information. Check your sources. Don't be lazy, make sure things are true and correct! Make sure you have all the correct facts and sources. Don't believe everything you see or hear. Example of this? Don't give partial thoughts. If you're going to say something...say all of it! Don't just leave the rest a mystery. The purpose is your reason for what you're telling the audience. Writing Process Purpose Correct Audience & Voice Always keep the other person's feelings and interests in mind. :) Use kind language. Be respectful and polite! Outline! Clear Planning! Get to the point and be done with it! No one wants to listen to you carry on about pointless stuff. Don't waste your time making it sound too pretty. Must be easily read and understood. Be direct and to the point! No one wants to hear you carry on about pointless stuff. Be specific. It is important to make sure you have age appropraite concepts. You can't teach a first grader Physics. You need to make sure what you are trying to tell them is interesting, and is something they will understand. :) The voice is how you are talking to them. Are you commanding them, congratulating them, etc. Courteous Make sure your paper has a title, introduction, topic, and conclusion. If you need to, make a checklist to make sure you have each of these things in your paper. :)

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