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Coco Movie Powerpoint Template

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Movie Project Template

Transcript: *You must have at least 15 sources in MLA format. *Please create a timeline here of 7 major (they have to be important) events that happened in the story. *Examples could be watchability, accuracy, length, etc. Movie Rating *You need to include visual evidence when you can. Please place visuals somewhere in the slide and then zoom in. (I will teach you how next week) *You need to include images to make this visually interesting. Movie Title *You decide the criteria for how to rate the movie. Bibliography *You should evaluate as least 3. *You can also include events that seem unbelievable, but that really happened Language, geography, food, etc. Put in an image from the movie as the background to this slide. *Give the movie one of the following rankings Stars: Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze Plot Overview *Questions to ask Errors/Accuracies in the Storyline *What time period was the movie set in? *What clues from the movie help link it to the time period? *Focus on the major characters first, and then move onto the minor characters. *Please attempt to point out at least 3 things of how Hollywood got the story wrong. *This slide and the next are the most important slides of the presentation, so do your research. Historical Setting *Anything that you did not know before you started this project you need to cite. *This is where you use the information from the "What really happened" document that I assigned to you earlier. *Copy and paste your work directly from easybib here. *This slide focuses on the historical setting. *Use to cite your sources as you go. To insert an image click on the insert icon above, click on image, and then size the image to fill up the white image frame. Did the character really exist? Errors/Accuracies of Major Characters Is that how the person really looked? Acted?

Movie Poster Powerpoint

Transcript: Texture Form The color in this poster (also refered to as hue) is very well shown, and you can see what I mean when you look at the different lights in the picture and the colors of the titles. This is very important because it gives a whole different feel of the picture itself. The movie poster shows some balance. It shows it from how the car and the writing is specifically placed on the poster. 8 Elements of Design The eight principles of design will include; line, form, space, shape, texture, color, value, and tone. Form is shown in all the places where there is also some objects and where/how they are arranged. The three principles of Design will be explained to you in this order; balance, proportion, and unity. Description The value is also a thing that is shown very well, because you can see the degree of shadowing and different color brightnesses all around the poster. It is about many cars that compete against each other, and fight for a grand prize. I would say that proportion is shown in the way the car fills up the poster and stays strong. To me, the way that Lamborghini is placed gives me a good feeling about the car and how it would feel like to be in it. So, you can see all the textures on it and around the poster. For example the letters. In conclusion, all the objects and shapes are well fitted together, and placed to stay there peacefully. The Races Begin; Movie Poster Analysis By: Aleksandar Bogdanovic I guess that you could say that space is well used in this poster because in the areas where you see the writing meet with the car itself it looks kind of neat because the space is well used. The recommended rating would be around PG-14. Shape Space The line, that is shown in this movie poster is mostly where the car is touching the ground, but there is also some line used in, where the title and subheadings are. The way you can see this element is where and how the shapes are, and how they are placed there. You can see all the shapes is that Lamborghini and around it as well. 3 Principles of Design This element of design is kind of similar to Value, because it also is about the lightness and darkness in a picture. This one pertains to the lightness and darkness in all the ways you see lighter and darker things mostly in the upper section of this poster. Line Proportion Tone Color Value This movie is similar to the Fast and the Furious movie series; as a result, the genre would be considered to be a drama-action film. Unity Balance

Movie Analysis Powerpoint

Transcript: Movie Analysis First: getting each others attention by using offensive language Second: gaining each others trust by defending each other to an adult Third: sharing similar personal and family stories Last: collaborating and concluding they aren't so different after all Conflict Conflict was bound to happen with a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal With steorotypical titles given to each person they never stood a chance Assumptions were already made that went along with the titles They disagreed based on the principles of high schools democracy ladder Plot: five teenagers from different cliques are punished with a Saturday detention Goal: communicate with each other in order to write an essay and keep their sanity Results Introduction Future Students The Breakfast Club Alternative Options It's important to keep an open mind in a communication setting Don't let stereotyping get in the way of communicating Always think before you speak Be aware of differences in culture, economic backgrounds, family life, etc. Communication Strategies The teens were able to settle their differences They found a way to communicate in a civil manner They realized that they cannot be limited to just one title, that in fact they each posses a little bit of everything Completed By: Brianna Murataya COM 312 Conflict & Negotiation Left preconceived notions at the door Not insulted each other right off the bat Not interrupting while others are talking Not giving negative feedback about personal stories

Coco Movie Talk

Transcript: Coco Movie Talk Andrey Velichko Introduction Hello my name is Andrey and today I will doing my book talk on a Spectacular Movie that goes by the title of "Coco". During this presentation I will list the main characters, give a summary of the movie and a few more things, including a Kahoot. So grab your Doritoes and Mountain Dew, Get your 360 no-scope skills and prepare to be amazed! Introduction Movie Cast/Crew Hector - Gael Garcia Bernal Ernesto De La Cruz - Benjamin Bratt Renee Victor - Abuelita Miguel - Anthony Gonzalez Director - Lee Unkrich Writer - Adrian Molina Executive Producer - Grant Bridges Movie Cast/Crew Characters Explained Miguel - Miguel is the main character of the story and his dream is to become a musician if his family tries to stop him. Hector - Hector is a shady skeleton that Miguel meets along his way to become a famous musician. Ernesto De La Cruz - Ernesto is the most famous musician in Mexico and Miguel is on a quest to meet him in the UnderWorld. Characters Explained Summary Summary Miguel is a small boy born into the city of Santa Clara, Mexico. He believes that he is destined to become a musician even though his family has had a ban on music for over a generation. Miguel wants to become just like his idol and Mexico's most famous musician. What ensues is an amazing adventure in the underworld that will change you and Miguel together. My Review/Thoughts I personally think that Coco is an amazing movie and that everyone should watch it. I reccomend this movie to anyone who loves adventure and wants to constantly be on the edge of their seat during a movie. Rating on the next slide.... My Review/Thoughts Rating My Rating is 5 sombreros out of 5 sombreros: _______________________________ Rating Conclusion In conculsion the three main characters are Hector, Ernesto De La Cruz and Miguel. A quick summary is that Miguel believes that he is destined to become a musician and goes on an amazing adventure in the Underworld to fulfill his dream. Finally to Conclude I give this move 4.5/5 stars. Conclusion THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!

powerpoint template

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