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Transcript: Possible use of motion capture in Sherlock Holmes: Use of CGI in Prometheus: Sherlock Holmes CGI stands for computer generated imagery. Prometheus This use of CGI enhances the film because of its realistic contributions to the aesthetic of the film. It also helps to demonstrate the time period and technology these people were able to use, and creates an idea of a check-point in the film, where an important event occurs. In this scene, as Holmes is being chased by an enemy, the supports of the boat in the scene are being smashed, causing it to fall more and more. As Watson follows Holmes in an attempt to help, he sees Holmes knocked out, about to be crushed by the falling boat. Use of CGI in Sherlock Holmes: Prometheus In my opinion, Sherlock Holmes does not need any motion capture to enhance it. Nothing in the film really has to be enhanced by motion capture, so I think that using it would just be too much in the film. It could have possibly been used in the sacrifice scene, to contort her face, or when Blackwood was watching his father die, the same effect could have been used. This use of CGI enhances the film because it causes the audience to become excited and issues suspense in the film. It makes the audience sit on the edge of their seat, and creates a scenario that couldn't be made without computer generated imagery. This scene shows the landing of the Prometheus on a foreign plane to explore in an attempt to find other life forms they believe created the human race. Examples include:


Transcript: How has the Rise of CGI Affected Blockbusters CGI Computer Generated Imagery is computer graphics and the aplication of those skills into making or contributing images for video games, film, commercials ect, that allow you to do something that isnt phyically possible. The continued use of CGI had lead to a rise in the technology and the realism that is shown in the film. This goes for both practical and visual methods. As a result of the rise films have changed and so have a lot of the planning and processes of the film. GGI GGI Change Change Budget Budget Change $150 -185 M $24 M $185 M $28 M King Kong and Blade Runner Blade runner original King Kong Blade Runner 2049 Kong Advencments Advencments TIMELINE 1895 1968 1982 2008 Alfred Clark 'The Execution of Mary Stuart ' First Special Effects Stanley Kubrick 'The space Odyssey' CGI bar raiser Ridley Scott 'Blade runner' Purely practicle effects James Cameron 'Avatar' Mostly CGI Large robotic rigs called Animatronics where created for films such as Jurassic Park and 1976 King Kong. The animatronics rig for King Kong was 40 feet and coast 1.7 million to make. Phil Tipett Full body raptor suits were created for certain parts of the film. The team developed the dinosaur input device or D.I.D. The giant in Equinox isn't a green screen shot. Past Technology Past Technology Process Process 1. 2. 3. 4. Storyboard and script Basic Layout shape and Movement First layer of texture, hair, light, lighter movements Final detail New Products New Products MoCap Suit Face Molds Space Training Top Performers Top Performers Stan Winston Dinosaur Animatronic George Lucas Industrial light and magic Star Wars Vincent Pace Developed a filming rig consists of stereoscopic cameras that each use a pair of lenses built to mimic human eyes Cultural and Political Cultural and Political Zooolander (2001) - Taking out the twin towers as 9/11 happened in 2001 Demolition Man (1993) - Taking out Tacobell logo Bibliogrpahy Bibliogrpahy Lambie, R. 2015. Terrence Masson, CG101: A Computer Graphics Industry Reference, 2007, Published by Digital Fauxtography Inc. Rosengrant, J. 2013. Anderson, K. 2017. CGI Animation Process. Johnson, B. 2009. The film Theorists. 2015. Jones, N. 2016. Consultancy, 2016. Hooten, C. 2016. Xsens. 2017.

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