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Transcript: “If you began donating blood at age 17 and donated every 56 days until you reached 76, you would have donated 48 gallons of blood, potentially helping save more than 1,000 lives!” “Eurobarometer for Greece “low” in organ donations, “high” on blood donation.” To Vima, 11 June 2013. Web. 13 November 2013. Where to Donate Diaxeiristis. “H Xrush Augh kalouse se aimodosia apokleistika gia Ellhnes.” Skai Patras. Web. 10 November 2013. Papachrysanthopoulou Angelika SP2200 B1 Louise Hepper Monday 18, 2103 Greeks avoid donating blood Relying on excuses They need to be informed Thesis “Every day, Greek hospitals require hundreds of transfused blood units. In fact, they need about 700.000 blood units per year”. Hospitals Municipalities Deree Blood Drive Reduces heart attacks & cancer risks Burns 650 calories Produce new blood Receive tested examinations Causes (Robertson) Problem Overall 67% of them believe that the process in safe Blood Donation Supporters All Pictures where retrieved from Google. BLOOD DONATION Robertson, Emma. “Donating blood is as good for YOUR health as it is for the receiver.” Mail Online. 31 May 2013. Web. 14 November 2013. ("Need for blood in our country") (“Blood Facts and Statistics”) Works Cited Solutions (“Blood Facts and Statistics”, “Reasons People Don’t Give Blood”) Motivated by class discussion “Reasons People Don't Give Blood.” University of Maryland Medical Center. 2011 University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC). Web. 11 November 2013. Never thought of it Do not like needles I am too busy My blood is not the right type I have already donated this year 51% of Greeks have donated blood “Blood Facts and Statistics.” American Red Cross. 2013 American National Red Cross. Web. 10 November 2013. Eurobarometer Survey 2010 “Need for blood in our country.” Aimatocritis, 3 August 2013. Web. 9 November 2013. (“Eurobarometer for Greece “low” in organ donations, “high” on blood donation”) (Diaxeiristis)

Blood Donation

Transcript: HOW LONG UNTIL MY BLOOD IS USED? Tast and processed and available. Red cells. Platelets. Plasma. How much blood do you take? About 470mL. 10% of blood volume. How much blood does an adult body have? About 5 litres. Blood types? ABO system. Rhesus system. Type A A+ A- Type B B+ B- Type O O + O - Type AB AB+ AB- Do you know? Testing Blood at Blood Bank for HIV 1  HIV 2 Hepatitis B  Hepatitis C VDRL (syphilis)  Malaria How the amount of blood required by each process? Bleeding during incidents. Operations cancer and open-heart surgery. Leukemia. Caesarean section. Preterm brith. Who can donate blood ?? 18-60 years old. 45 kg. 90 days Who can’t donate blood ?? Alcoholics. Drug addicts. Hepatitis B and C. HIV positive. Diabetics. Temporary deferrals ?? Antibiotics. Tattoos or piercing. Smoked or consumed alcohol. Pregnant women. What should u do before u visit the donation centre ?? Healthy food. Have a good night sleep. No smoking or drinking. In the Blood Center. Medical history infromation. Medical examination. Provide a comfortable place. What should u do after u finish donation blood ?? lay on the bed. Drink extra fluids. Rest. Leave the bandage. Blood replacing. Red blood cells. White blood cells. Plasma. Why do we need donated blood? Surgical operations (tumors). Anemia patients (women). During childbirth. Preterm infants. Accident victims. Cancer patients. Blood patients. And many others. How does blood donation help with iron overload? How can you be sure you’re not giving away too much iron? Are there any side effects from donating blood? • Dizziness. • Some redness place the needle. Donating blood cannot only help. It can also help you achieve better health. Health Benefits to Donors or Benefits Of Blood donation • Reduce risk of Cancer. • Reduced risk of heart disease. • Make you feel good in an emotional way. • Boosts the production of red blood cells. • Helps in weight loss. • Makes the donor psychologically rejuvenated. • Help to regenerate red blood cells. • Lowers lipid levels. • Lowers cholesterol. What can you do? Making it a HABIT. Donate regularly or in special days. Motivate others to donate. Refer your friends and relatives. How can we motivate others to donate? Emails Blackberry msn Brochures Commercial If you need blood, call Blood Bank - Abu Dhabi Manhal Street Khalidiyah, Abu Dhabi Tel: +9712 665 6508 Opening hours: Sunday -Thursday: 07:30 am - 22:00 Saturday: 08:00 am - 01:00 pm Reference: Newspaper SHARMA, P. (2011, February 27). Gulfnews newspaper. Need to boost blood donation.p.07 SHARMA, P. Gulf News.(August 2, 2010).Guide: Blood donation in the UAE (December 11, 2010 ),.Gulfnews newspaper. Nationwide drive for blood donation soon Saberi, M. (August 25, 2010),.Gulfnews newspaper. Ministry launches blood donation drive Kazmi, A.(November 2, 2010),.Gulfnews newspaper. Private firm staff sets record in blood donation SHARMA, P.(July 24, 2010),.Gulf News Summer slump in blood donations Ali, A.( March 28, 2011). Gulfnews. Help sought to replenish platelet stocks Interview According to (dr. Azza), Retrieved May 24, 2011, from Abu Dhabi blood bank. Sheik Kahlifah medical city, blood bank-Abu Dhabi procure, Retrieved May 24, 2011 Any Questions? Thank You. Video Jina Sung. (2010, December 06). Blood Donation [Video fie]. Retrieved from Superman is not the only hero!! You can be a hero, too! Magazine Strickland, E. (2009, March 24). UK Aims to Create “Unlimited” Supply of Synthetic Blood from Stem Cells. Discover. Retrieved from WALLIS, C. (1986, July 21). Medicine: Donating Blood for Yourself. Time. Retrieved from Collects. Stores. Processes. Transfuses. Blood Donation Websites Benefits Of Blood Donation (n.d.). Retrieved May 12, 2011, from Grunert, J (n.d.). Retrieved May 12, 2011, from Jessica(2008). Retrieved May 12, 2011, from Australian Red Cross Blood Service. (n.d.). All about blood. Retrieved from Australian Red Cross Blood Service: Give blood England and North Wales. (n.d.). Blood group basics. Retrieved from Give blood England and North Wales: By: Alsagheer Musallam. ID: 201030441 Abdulla hilal. ID: 201012114 Amer Ali. ID: 201010321 1- What are the medical processes and the social benefits associated with blood donation? Books Berlin. E, MD, MPH and FAAP.(2008).encyclopedia of family health and wellness.veastal, NY, Alphahouuse. Dr.peters,M.(2008)A-Z family medical encyclopedia (5th ed.).London: Dorling Kindersley limited Blood Bank

Blood Donation

Transcript: You NEED to go donate blood today! In fact there is a blood drive today! By: Dylan Howard Donate Blood Yourself Tell Others To Donate "Blood donations are down in the first five months of 2012 compared to the same period last year. And, there is only about half the amount of readily available blood in the Red Cross inventory at this time"(American Red Cross. 2012). Donations are urgently needed! Overview Go Donate Today! Acknowledge Others (Forni's Rule) Acknowledge Others Forni, P. M. (2002`). Choosing civility. (p. pg.41). New York: St. Martin's Griffin. What is the Problem? General Information Steve Howard- Cancer Survivor Whole blood is the most common form of blood donation. Plasma is the fluid protein and salt solution in which the red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets are suspended. Platelets are the smallest-sized components in whole blood. They are responsible for blood clotting, which helps stop bleeding should we suffer from a cut or other trauma to the circulatory system. United blood services. (2008). Retrieved from Different types of Donations Give Blood. Save Lives. The goal for our future is to "ensure a safe and adequate blood supply through voluntary donations"(American Red Cross. 2012) A Vision For Our Future Urgent Need for Blood | American Red Cross. Retrieved Oct 9, 2012, from Stay involved in the community Host a blood drive in your area My Sources What Can You Do? What is the problem/ need? Forni's Rule #2 What Can You Do?/How to Satisfy this Need Taking A Closer Look General Information: Different Types of Donations Vision For Our Future Take Action Today! Sources It could be you or your family that needs blood one day. Lets Take a Closer Look! Blood facts. (n.d.). Retrieved from "Acknowledgment comes in many forms: remembering someone's name, paying a thoughtful compliment, summarizing what was just said for a newcomer to the conversation, holding a door open to let someone through, welcoming, thanking, and just plain saying hello" (Forni. 2002. pg. 41). as well as.. DONATING BLOOD TO SAVE A LIFE!

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