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Transcript: Annual budget (2015-2016)* New York State Resident Tuition $6,470 Fees $2,511 Room and Board $13,820** Total Around $22,801 -(or higher) Does not inclde personal spending. Binghamton Tuition In State. How would you pay for Binghamton? BrockPort Tuition In State. Binghamton Tuition Out of State. Non Residents Tuition: $15,820 Room and Board:$11,440 Books and Supplies: $1,100 Other Fees: $1,392 Total Around $29,752 or higher, How would you pay for Brockport ? Binghamton University & State University of New York at Brockport New York Residents Tuition: $6,170 Room and Board:$11,440 Books and Supplies: $1,100 Other Fees: $1,392 Total Around $20,102 or higher. By, Richely Grullon BrockPort Out of State Tuition -The payment plan provides you with the opportunity to divide the bill for each term into automaticinstallments to allow you to spread your payments over a period of up to four months depending on when you sign up. Meaning that you basically have 4 months to pay your tuition for that semester. -Additional scholarships are awarded to new and continuing students based on academic performance, leadership experience, talent, financial need, and other criteria that are specified by the scholarship donor. -Student employment, Loans, financial aid. -BrockPort does have a payment plan Annual budget (2015-2016)* Out-of State Resident Tuition $19,590 Fees $2,511 Room and Board $13,820** Total Around $35,921 or higher Does not include personal spending. -Binghamton does provide scholarships, loans and grants to undergraduates, -Binghamton also has employment opportunities on campus

Binghamton University

Transcript: Website: Enterance Difficulty: Very Difficult Regular Admission Deadline: January 15 Early Action Offered: Yes Early Decision Offered: No A Look Into The Future Student/Greek Life Admission & Tuition 2-9 students: 12% of classes 10-19 students: 27% of classes 20-29 students: 26% of classes 30-39 students: 12% of classes 40-49 students: 6% of classes 50-59 students: 9% of classes over 100 students: 7% of classes Calculated %: 99% Most Average: 10-19, 27% Fraternaties: 10% of men participate Sororities: 12% of women participate Campus Size: 950 acres Type: Small City Weather: Temperature:14.3 average low in January, 73.8 average high in September Rain: 161 rainy days per year Nearest Airport: 70 mile(s) from campus in Syracuse Nearest Bus Station: 3 mile(s) from campus in Binghamton What To Know The student population is 47,380. They have a wide range of majors but, one in particular I'm looking for, Psychology. They also have philosophy, health care, enviormental science, and engineering. Their student population might be big but, they still pat a lot of attention on your education. More Campus Life General Information General Info They offer sororities and fraternities. They also offer clubs and orginizations like singing, dancing, sports, and music. Most first year students live on campus or near campus. There are also dorms for co-ed students and gender specific. College Housing: College offers housing to students Types of Housing: Coed dorms, single student apartments, disabled student housing Students in College Housing: 98% of freshmen, 61% of all students Housing Requirements: Freshmen are required to live on campus 24-Hour Emergency Phone/Alarm Devices: Available 24-Hour Security Patrols: Available Late-Night Transport/Escort Services: Available Electronically Operated Housing Entrances: Available Extra Information Class Size Population & Majors Even More Campus Life/Housing Apply: 28,101 Enrolled: 2,516 Admission Requirments: Asking for help, and staying organized. Application Process: Applying when thinking ahead, looking into scholarships Cost Per Year/Semester: On Campus: $22,091 (including EVERYTHING) Scholarships: Yes, Sports Resources for Student Loans/Needs (financially): Filling out form(s) GPA SAT ACT Average 3.53 626 608 607 28 Low 2.31 300 300 300 20 High 4.00 5.00 780 800 800 35 Binghamton University Misc. Name: Binghamton University Mascot: Bearcat Location: New York Rural, Suburban, or Urban: Urban

Binghamton University

Transcript: When you go to the Schedule of Classes, you will see the designated Gen Ed letter assigned to that course. To open the Schedule of Classes, click the link. [] General Education requirements or “Gen Eds” are courses in several areas of knowledge and experience that we as Binghamton University students need to complete before we graduate. Composition Aesthetics Global Interdependencies Pluralism Mathematics/Reasoning Laboratory Science Oral Communication Social Science Humanities Gen Ed courses help create well rounded students who bring value to the world around them. These courses: ●give you a deeper understanding of scholarship and research in areas you may not have planned to explore, ●help you establish your core values and express yourself, and ●teach you appreciation and understanding of the people and the world around you. Laboratory Science are designated with an L. They emphasize making observations and working in a hands­on environment. Each course includes a minimum of 10 laboratory meetings, exercises, field studies or practica. Oral Communication Oral Communication courses have an O designation. Although they cover a wide range of subjects, they are courses where oral presentation makes up at least 15% of your final grade. O courses involve at least two oral presentations and evaluation of speaking. (J courses, Joint Composition and Oral Communication courses meet both the C and O requirements.) Humanities courses have an H designation. They enhance your understanding of human experience through the study of literature or philosophy. General Education Requirements Laboratory Science “How do we know which courses are Gen Ed courses?” Mathematics/Reasoning Composition “Why are Gen Ed courses important?” Social Science, or N designated courses, emphasize themajor concepts, models and issues of at least one of thesocial sciences. Humanities GRADUATE Composition courses have a C designation. Although thecourses cover a wide range of subjects, in all C courses writing assignments are at least 50% of your final grade. C courses require a process of revision and a minimum of 20 pages of expository writing. (J courses, Joint Composition and Oral Communication courses meet both the C and O requirements.) M designated courses include any course in the Mathematics Department numbered 130 or above, any of several designated statistics courses, or any of several designated logic courses. Global Interdependencies Aesthetics courses are designated with an A. These courses enhance your understanding of the creative process and the role of imagination in it.You may chooseto study or practice artistic expression and production in such fields Aesthetics Binghamton University Pluralism Pluralism, or P courses, consider the specific experiences of diverse groups in the United States and how they have affected and been affected by the basic institutions of American society. “What is a General Education requirement?” Social Sciences “What Courses do I need to take?” Designated with a G, Global Interdependencies courses study how two or more distinctive world regions have influenced and interacted with one another and how such interactions have been informed by their respective cultures or civilizations.

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Transcript: College-in-the-Woods Opened in Fall 2013, the new Dickinson community is impossible to miss. With sky high buildings, floor to ceiling windows, and a flat style floor plan new to campus, this beautiful space has been a huge hit with students of all ages. The new room design gives residents the option of living in a single or a double, while still having semi-private bathrooms and a mini common room outfitted with counter space and a sink. For anyone who loves their personal space, this is the perfect place for you. An added bonus, the Dickinson quad features a swing-set! The most traditional of all communities on campus, CIW is the full college experience. Classic corridor style rooms, study lounges, and an extremely social atmosphere make this community a very popular one. Living corridor style tends to foster the idea of an 'open door policy' with friends and hall mates constantly popping in to say hello.Nestled in between tons of trees, the name College-in-the-Woods was no accident. 5 Colleges: 1 University Groundbreaking for the Binghamton University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is expected to take place in spring 2016. The facility will be located on a 5.4 acre site in Johnson City (off campus). The 70,000 square-foot building will include state-of-the-art research labs, offices for faculty and staff, a lecture hall, classrooms and teaching labs. The $60 million facility is expected to open in fall 2017. Opened in 2011, the buildings of Newing stand out on campus. This corridor style community adds a little bit of the suite style comfort by eliminating hall bathrooms and adding 2 bathrooms exclusively shared by groups of 3 rooms (or 6 residents). With high ceilings, beige walls,and dark wood furniture, Newing rooms are the perfect blank slate for some intense decorating. Also, closer to the gym than any other community, it's the perfect place for any workout enthusiast. College of Community and Public Affairs Binghamton University Eat, Sleep, Study, Relax, Repeat Greek life at Binghamton is something that's great to be a part of, but you don't have to join in order to feel like you're a part of something. Only about 12% of students are members of greek life, but there are over 50 different sororities and fraternities to chose from, including multicultural and pre-professional organizations. Remember: you can't rush your first semester! The Binghamton campus features 5 vastly unique living communities that each comes with its own perks. Fully equip with athletic fields, study lounges, and cozy rooms, every community is a home run. No matter where you call home, you'll have total access to all 4 fantastic dining halls and the late night treats available at each. The esteemed Watson school offers programs in mechanical, bio, electrical, and industrial and systems engineering as well a computer science program. Students admitted into Watson are exposed to all the various fields of engineering during their freshmen year, before choosing which sector they'd like to major in. Hands on classes and experiential group projects allow students the chance to really get their feet wet in their field before stepping into the job market. Internships are also widely available. The Innovative Technologies Complex, which is currently being built, will soon house much of the upper level engineering work in its state of the art facilities. Newing bedroom Pharmacy School Rendering We sincerely hope that tonight's presentation has given you a better idea of what life is like for a student at Binghamton University. For our applicants, admissions decisions have begun to be sent out and if you are lucky enough to be offered a seat in the Class of 2019, we implore you to accept! Your four years at Binghamton would surely be unforgettable! Will you be a Bearcat? The original suite style community on campus, Hinman is the prime location for ease of getting to class. With floor lounges situated between banks of suites, residents tend to spend more time congregating with their hall mates than closed up in their rooms. The Hinman quad, located in front of the dining hall, is also always bustling with students studying in the grass, playing KanJam, or making snowmen in the winter! Clubs and Orgs On campus you'll find more than 250 student run organizations. From cultural to career oriented to just for fun, your resume won't have enough room for everything! But the big question always is, "how do I get involved?" A project to renovate the Lecture Hall/Student Wing is scheduled to begin in early 2015. Construction involves asbestos abatement, demolition and renovation. Twenty new classrooms will be created on the first and second floors, along with break out rooms for small group work and lounge seating areas. Windows throughout the facility will be replaced; bathrooms and staircases will be renovated; and building electrical, fire alarm and heating and ventilation systems will be updated. Smart Energy Research and

Binghamton University

Transcript: Binghamton University By: Elijah Rodriguez Location Location and type Binghamton University is located in Binghamton, New York. it is a public college with campuses. Statistics Statistics Binghamton University is the #2 best accounting school in N.Y. It is also #31 for top schools in the nation. logo here is binghamton university's logo Mascot here is a picture of binghamton university's mascot, Baxter the bearcat Campus map here is a map of the campus Student life binghamton university offers 56 fraternities and sororities and has a student body ratio of 19:1 Clubs binghamton university offers over 450 clubs and organizations. Class size binghamton university has a class size of around 14,021 undergraduates tuition The tuition for 1 year at binghamton university is $9,271 in-state and $24,351 out-of-state room and board students at binghamton university usually pay around $15,058 for room and board in suny at binghamton Financial aid and enrollment The types of financial aids that binghamton university has are grants, scholarships, nYS aid, loans and federal-work study Enrollment binghamton university had around 16,896 people enroll in 2015 sports binghamton offers a variety of sports including swimming and diving, tennis, track and field, soccer, and volleyball to name a few. Intramural sports binghamton university does offer intramural sports and offers all people as long as they go to binghamton and they aren't alumni, spouses, or volunteers. study abroad programs binghamton university offers over 50 education abroad and exchange programs in a wide variety of locations and sites. average sat score at binghamton university, the average sat score for reading is 600-690 and for math it is 630-710. Degrees Degrees Binghamton university offers more than 130 different majors, minors, and certificates.

Binghamton University

Transcript: Develop new perspectives on academic subjects and real-world issues Achieve proficiency in a foreign language Experience personal growth Develop valuable career skills Korea About Scholarships: (non-SUNY) Study Abroad 101: Spain Japan Binghamton University Office of International Programs Why Study Abroad? Do Research Programs & Scholarships Speak to Academic Advisor/ Department Consult with Financial Aid Study Abroad Timeline: Australia **Tip for students: If you know you're going to need a faculty recommendation, identify faculty members you'd want to write your rec early and make sure they know who you are (start actively participating in class, going to office hours, etc...). Library North Ground 300 About Programs: **Available on the website Binghamton Programs ~25 programs to choose from Grades count in GPA SUNY Programs ~600+ programs Grades transfer as transfer credit, don't count in GPA Non-SUNY Programs Must take leave of absence from BU May not be eligible for Financial Aid Where is the OIP located? Types of Programs Study Abroad Timeline: 1 semester before How to Utilize the OIP Ireland Resources: Direct Enroll Study Abroad vs. Exchange Stand-alone/Faculty-led Internship Service Learning/Volunteer Combination Program Where in the world do you want to go? Morocco Resource library Brochures Past Participant Evaluations Walk-in Advising (Daily from 2-3 pm) Peer Advising Individual Advising Appointments Types of Study Abroad Programs Location Length of Program Course Offerings Language Level of Immersion Housing Arrangements Requirements Cost Financing Your Study Abroad Experience Choosing A Program Costa Rica Binghamton Scholarships: Gilman Scholarship: Boren Scholarship: Paris Apply for program Apply for scholarships Declare Global Studies Minor Acceptance & Pre-Departure Orientation Online application Study statement (1-2 pages) Faculty recommendations Judicial review Official Transcript Application consists of: 1-2 years before (aka as early as possible) FinAid on all Binghamton/SUNY programs **Plan Ahead/Start Saving Early Do a lot of research Compare programs by price Exchange programs vs. study abroad programs Short-term vs. semester Find available scholarships

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