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Assessment Powerpoint Template

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Assessment Results Template

Transcript: Energy Points: Percentage: Score: Recommendations: Lighting Points: Percentage: Score: Recommendations: Travel & Transportation Points: Percentage: Score: Recommendations: Kitchen & Shared Areas Points: Percentage: Score: Recommendations: Commitment Plan Implementation Office Assessment Results The Sustainability Office's Green Office Certification Program, GOC, works with UCSC's faculty and staff to implement sustainable practices into the workplace. This is accomplished through: Creating a Green Team Office Energy, Waste, and Sustainable Behavior Assessments Certification based upon Assessment Results Educational Workshops and Commitment Plans put pie chart or other representation of data here Breakdown of Results Office Rating Waste Assessment Breakdown of Results Compared to Top 5 Recommendations Green Office Overview Recycle and Waste Points: Percentage: % Score: Recommendations: Based upon your current office’s sustainability practices, you can receive your Green Office Certification today based upon these point levels: put recommendations here Computers Points: Percentage: Score: Recommendations: Conducting Office Assessments Upload appropriate table here Upload appropriate image of certification Energy Assessment Our Sustainable Office Assessment defined the appropriate starting point for your office. Using a predetermined score sheet, your office practices were assessed by GOC team based upon behaviors regarding: - Purchasing - Recycling/Waste - Paper/Printing - Computers - Energy - Lighting - Travel and Transportation - Kitchen and Shared Areas - Innovation The UCSC Sustainability Office works to foster a culture of sustainability across the UCSC campus. The Green Office team characterized your office’s behavior regarding trash and recycling based upon the following categories: We collaborate with students, staff, and faculty to implement projects which work to institutionalize sustainability and bring UCSC closer to reaching the goals outlined in the Campus Sustainability Plan. Purchasing Points: Percentage: % Score: Recommendations: Questions? We would love to help. Thank you for your time and commitment to sustainability! Paper and Printing Points: Percentage: Score: Recommendations: Recommendations: The Sustainability Office Breakdown of Results Waste: Recycling: Positive Existing Behaviors Office Certification 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c

Final Assessment Project Powerpoint

Transcript: By : Trammel Austin What does Model mean to me? Creative Freedom The ability to choose to study what I am interested in Support from teachers and students Opportunity to further my interests Hands on teaching Teachers who make students feel welcome Who are also passionate about what they teach. Who also enjoy their students Relaxed learning environment Focussing more on improvement than deadlines. Teachers who are actually willing to help the students succeed. What have I learned? Learned how to build my own computer. I learned how to create a Prezi. Learned how to do very well when it comes to D&B games. Even learned some English stuff All about the Armenian Genocide, why not? Even learned how to ignore incredibly idiotic remarks made by certain people. But what have I experienced? The pureness of dubstep Monday-Friday The dirtiness of rockets on Halo. The bonding between friends. The hilarity of Reddit. The humor of a witty teacher. How has this changed me? Physically it hasn't. Sadly. Mentally, for the better. It has taught me that teachers are able to friendly and helpful. It has shown me that I am more likely to succeed when I'm interested in what I am learning. But most importantly... It has made me a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything. If I could have learned one more thing? It would have been how to put pictures in a Prezi. Or music. Well, that's my F.A.P.P, hope you all enjoyed it as much as I have. I always get sleepy after FAPPing though. This slide is because I probably ended too early, and is here to remind me to talk about random stuff. Weather perhaps. Is it Snowing now? No? Alright then. Well... Who wants to play snipers? F.A.P.P

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