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So, you have a business presentation coming up and you’re worried your deck isn’t going to wow your audience.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Prezi’s slideless approach helps turn your presentations into visually stunning, powerful conversations rather than run-of-the-mill PowerPoint decks. With Prezi, you can zoom into details, easily incorporate visual storytelling, and let the audience interact with your content from beginning to end.

We even have a few business presentation templates to help get you started.

Conversational presenting

Slides, bullet points, and an overly rehearsed script don’t add up to an effective business presentation. People have their own agendas and high-maintenance attention spans, so It’s important to address interests as quickly as possible. Prezi offers an assist by transforming your presentations into dialogues, so you can fast-track to getting the buy-in you need. 

Visual storytelling

Why present to your audience with paragraphs and paragraphs about your business proposal or strategy plan if you can just sum up the most critical elements of your idea with images? Prezi’s focus on visuals can help communicate the gist of your message faster than text on a slide (it’s science!).


You’ve put too much time and effort into that business plan to use it only once. Make your business presentation work for you during and after the meeting with Prezi Analytics. You’ll get insight into who views your presentation, when they view it, and which parts interest them the most, so you can target your follow-ups with precision.

Remote Presenting*

Delivering a business presentation has never been easier. With Prezi you can create your own password-protected virtual meeting room and host an HD remote presentation for anyone, anywhere. 

*With Prezi Plus and above


Prezi Business is the way to go if you offer a wide range of solutions. The same presentation can be given in different ways, depending on your audience’s needs, so delivering a targeted pitch and reaching your goals becomes the standard

Alessia Nicolò

Marketing and Communications Manager, EMS

The science of effective presentations

In a double-blind study of Prezi vs. PowerPoint, Prezi was found to be: 

More organized 

More engaging 

More persuasive

More Effective

It's time to reach the next level of presenting