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Both teachers and students have become numb to conventional classroom presentations, where they’re confronted with slide after slide containing too much information in quick, disjointed succession.

Prezi’s zooming canvas opens up the classroom to active learning and interactivity, making lessons understandable, memorable, and fun.

Stevie Presenter

“Prezi truly embodies what creativity is about: changing your perspective, connecting and combining ideas, thinking in non-linear ways, and creating in collaboration with others.”

Leticia B. Cavagnaro, Stanford University

Teachers have the task of conveying complex ideas in a short amount of time, struggling to fit enough detail into each slide. Often, teachers are forced to fragment data, charts, and diagrams by breaking them up over several slides, where the connection between them is lost.

Prezi Teacher

“Prezi allows me as an educator to show the connectivity and breadth of a topic without losing access to the fine details, links between lessons become obvious and content comes alive.”

Andrew Jackson, Hitchin Girls School, UK

Prezumés and portfolios

Prepare your students for the job market by helping them create their prezumés. Explore our official Prezumé tutorial for step by step instructions.

Prezi is perfect for the classroom. That’s why we offer students and teachers a free upgrade to an Edu Enjoy license, and a discount on a Pro license.

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