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Customizing Reusable Designs

Reusable Prezi designs make it easy for you to create an engaging presentation—take a look at these two examples of customized reusable designs, along with the original templates on which they were based. If you want to start customizing one of these designs, just click "Make a Copy"—you'll be presenting your own content and impressing your audience in no time.

Company Overview Prezis

More and more companies are choosing Prezi as their tool of choice for making a good first impression, whether their audience is made up of high-powered VC’s or everyday consumers. Take a look at some of our favorite company overview prezis—and head to our blog for some tips on how to make a killer overview prezi of your own.

The Business Presentation Resource Pack

the Business Presentation Resource Pack makes it easier than ever for anyone to get started with a prezi that will impress colleagues and clients alike. From SWOT analysis templates to professional diagram elements, the Resource Pack is full of tools that will help you visualize your ideas and create presentations that get the job done. Learn more about how to use the Resource Pack here.

The Best Prezis from SXSW 2014

Once a year, thousands of artists and entrepreneurs flock to Austin, Texas for the biggest festival-cum-conference of the year. South by Southwest is always a mecca for big ideas, and this year was no exception. From the winners of the Accelerator pitch competition to panelists discussing their passions, many presenters used Prezi to share those big ideas. We've collected some of the most stellar prezis from the keynotes and panels of SXSW 2014—take a look, and get inspiration for your next big presentation.

Learning To Use Prezi

A fresh pick of prezis for you to get some more hints and tips on creating your first zooming masterpiece. Unlock the full potential of sharing ideas in a more engaging way!

Innovators Using Prezi

From startup founders to international celebrities, people are using Prezi to share ideas that have the power to change the world and the way we live in it. We would like to share some of our favorite examples of innovative ideas presented in Prezi—this week, we're featuring the amazing work of three MIT professors. From cities to prosthetics, these three great thinkers are redesigning the future. Take a look at these three prezis and get inspired by some big ideas.

Reusable Prezi Designs

Prezi is honored to be supported by such a passionate and energetic community. Many of our users have developed their prezi design skills to a very high level. One of the assets that comes out of this combination of passion and a high level of skill are great reusable Prezi designs, that we in turn care share more broadly.

Here are an assortment of some of the best reusable designs to come out of the Prezi community recently.

Whether you're pitching your business or selling your product, these designs will help you succeed.