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Market Forms of Egg

No description

Joyce Estabillo

on 20 February 2016

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Transcript of Market Forms of Egg

Market Forms of Egg
Eggs are also sold in several processed forms: bulk or fluid whole eggs (which sometimes includes a percentage of extra yolks to obtain a specific blend), egg whites, and egg yolks.
Fresh eggs
Fresh Eggs or shell eggs may be purchased individually, by dozen or in trays of 36 pieces.
Frozen eggs
Frozen Eggs – are made of high quality fresh eggs. They come in the form of whole eggs with extra yolks and whites. Frozen eggs are pasteurized and must be thawed before use.
Dried Eggs
Dried Eggs – are seldom used. Their whites are used for preparing meringue. Dried eggs are used primarily as ingredients in food industry. They are not commonly sold directly to consumers.
Pasteurized eggs are used in preparations such as salad dressings, eggnog, or desserts, where the traditional recipe may have indicated that the eggs should be raw. These products generally are available in liquid or frozen form.
Frozen egg products on the other hand are used as ingredients by food processors. Products containing egg yolk usually have salt, sugar or corn syrup added to prevent gelation or increased viscosity during freezing.
Dried powdered eggs are also sold and may be useful for some baked goods or in certain circumstances. For food service use, they are generally sold in 6-oz. pouches, and 3-lB.and 25-lB.poly packs.
Egg is cooked in many ways. It can be the main protein dish; it can be a main or accessory ingredient in dishes from appetizers to desserts. It can be cooked by dry heat, moist heat, with or without oil, as simply or as elaborately as one‘s inclination for the moment. Indeed it can be eaten anywhere.
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