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monica ciobo

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

person of justice

Nelson Mandela what did he do? how Nelson
Mandela is a role model
to me and others
Who is he? Nelson Mandela was born on July 18th 1918
transkei, South Africa. His full name is Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela his zodiac sign is cancer. 1918- Mandela is born, he is given his tribal name: Rolihlahla wich means " trouble maker"
1927- his father, the chief of Thembuclan, dies and becomes his gaurdian
1937- moves to Heald town 1939- moves to Johannesburg to escape an arranged marrige. Worked as a gaurd at a mine
1994- forms the youth leage of the ANC [African National Congress].
marries his first wife: Evelyn Ntoko Mase and had 3 children
1956- accused of conspiring to overthrow the south African state
1957- Mandelas 13 year marriage breaks up
1958- marries his second wife: Nomzamo winnie Madikizela and had 2 kids
1960- the ANC is banned
he goes into hiding and forms an underground milatary group
1962- arrested after living on the run for 17 months
sentenced to 5 years in jail but goes on the run again
1964- captured and convicted on Robben Island for 18 years
1968- his mother dies and his eldest son is killed in a car crash amd he is not allowed to attend both funerals
1990- Nelson Mandela is released from prison
1991- National olympic committee don't let African
athletes compete in the olympic games
1992- seperates from Nomzamo
1993- divorces Nomzmo
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
1998- marries Michelle on his 80th birthday
tour of canada > fought against apartheid which is where non- white people are separated from white people
> served 27 years in prison for a protest against apartheid
> won the Nobel Peace Prize
> became president
> formed an under ground military group because he had the courage to stand up to South Africa for what he believed in and he forgave the people who sent him to prison just like Jesus forgave the people who nailed him to the cross
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