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Louanne Berryman

Teacher of the Year 2009-2010

Pat Polk

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Louanne Berryman

TEACHER OF THE YEAR RELEVANCE RELATIONSHIPS RIGOR "Mrs. Berryman truly cares about the students she teaches and wants them to succeed. She is a relationship builder with her students. She loves her profession and is not in it for her own benefit." David Weeks "Mrs. Berryman is a caring and nurturing teacher whose passion to teach is unparalleled. Her leadership inspires others to grow professionally." Brenda Butt Passion...it exudes through her to the students, the parents, and her peers. Compassion...even though she holds firm disciplines in her classroom, the students know she will educate, love and protect them. Engaged...ALL students (and her peers) bend their ears when she is teaching because she teaches by allowing them to "do" instead of "listen". Respect...fellow teachers enter her classroom because they know she will have the right materials, the right plans, and the right advice for whatever situation they bring to her. Pleasant...ALL THE TIME TO EVERYONE! No matter what is going on or what the atmosphere is like, Mrs. Berryman has a pleasing disposition that finds the positive side to everything, Life long learner...Her want to learn has never subsided. Mrs. Berryman sees the need and seizes every opportunity to learn more to help her students, her peers, and herself. Community involvement...it doesn't just stop at teh door of the school. She continues to be involved with many other activities outside Blair Pointe. Deserving...there is no other applicant more deserving than Mrs. Berryman!" Lori Badry Teaching in the Peru Comminty Schools: 27 years

Schools: Holman 5th, Central 5th & 6th, Blair Pointe 5th

Education: Ball State, B.S. and Indiana University, M.S.

School Activities: Grade Level Team Leader, Project P.E.A.C.E., Advisory Board
Mrs. Berryman has stepped up to be a strong leader both in grade level work and in the Literacy Initiative. She has been a calming influence in these changing educational times. She has put in much time to stay current and gladly shares all with her peers. She has volunteered many times to share during teachers meetings. She is a valuable resource to her colleagues. Thank you for your vote!
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