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New Student Orientation

No description

veronica luciano

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of New Student Orientation

Chief Marvis Mosley Sr.

Sworn Law Enforcement Officers(Power of Arrest)
On Campus/Open 24/7, 365 days
Our mission is to “Foster a relationship with college community that will support the academic success of our students”.
Emergency contact – Dial 911 from a campus phone or 972-860-4290 outside parking lots

Contact Information

Athletic Director: Keith McKinnon
Phone: 214-860-3633
E-mail: kmckinnon@dcccd.edu
Room: E-04A
• R.E.A.C.H- Ms. Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones
- R.E.A.C.H. Specialist V,

Sylvia Faz
-Leal Academic Advisor II ,

Adlai Charles
-Acacemic Advisor II,

Access Program / Athletic Advising Mr. David Morales
he MVC Male access Program is designed to assist male students with making academic progress to the attainment of their educational goals. This program provides participants with mentoring, academic support (study groups, case-management), weekly involvement with campus support groups, leadership and community involvement opportunities.

Office of Financial Aid- Ms. Bianca Matlock
MVC will notify you when they receive your FAFSA.

MVC cannot receive your FAFSA unless you put the school code on the FAFSA. This is 008503

If MVC is missing any information, they will send an email telling you to view a Missing Information Letter (MIL) in eConnect.

You must select a primary program of study (eConnect login required) if you have not done so already.

If you qualify for a refund, we will refund your money through the DCCCD Money Card program. This program lets you choose among three refund methods. To start the process, you must verify your address (eConnect login required).

Read your FA Award Instructions on eConnect (login required). Click “Submit” at the bottom of each screen to get to the end.

Once you answer the questions in your award letter, you will have the option to accept your awards.

Check the disbursement schedule.

Be sure you understand how much aid you are eligible to receive before registering. Contact us with any questions.

You must register for classes before DCCCD’s lock date and you must be certified in your classes by your professors to be eligible for financial aid funds.

Any tuition or fees you owe will be deducted from your financial aid. If there are any remaining eligible funds, they will be transmitted to your account via the Higher One/DCCCD Money Card program.

New Student Orientation
Campus Resources

Bookstore- Mr. Rawn Johnson
Reginald Gray
Transfer Resource Center- Ms. Gilda Nunez
Office of Student Support Services
Business Office
Counseling Services
Office of Student Life

Mr. Tony Hall
Important Information
Program Focus:
Degree Planning, Mapping, College Tours, Overnight trips.
Career Development, Resume Building, Mock Interviews
Brother to Brother Mentoring Middle School, Peer mentor group. Group Counseling Sessions
Brother to Brother

Veteran Affairs
The MVC VA Office is located in S1080, and it provides advising, registration, and VA certification services to veteran students and their dependents. This office facilitates ongoing vital services to veteran/dependent students to ensure their academic success and timely VA certification for educational benefits covered under Chapter(s) 30, 31, 33, 35, 1606, 1607 and Hazlewood Act.
VA students stay up-to-date by participating in spring/fall semester Informational Benefit Sessions and Mid-semester Reconnaissance meetings with VA advisor.

Program is designed to assist students by addressing the issues that contribute to difficulties in academic performance by providing group and individual counseling.
S.T.E.M. Disciplines at MVC
STEM Clubs & Affiliates
STEM Testing
General Math Assessment Survey
The General Math Assessment Survey involves five levels to test your basic math skills in the categories of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Percentages and Math Computation.(25 items)

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test
The Wonderlic is used to gauge an applicant's job potential, educational potential, and training potential. Wonderlic Test includes: analogies, analysis of geometric figures, arithmetic, direction following, disarranged sentences, judgment, logic, proverb matching, similarities, and word definitions.(28 items)

International Personality Inventory
Measure of five personality characteristics: neuroticism, extroversion, openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness

Barrett Simplified Measure of Social Status
Based on marital status, education level, and occupation of self, spouse, and parents

Based off of studies at the University of Maryland, Learning communities where students may take two or more linked courses as a group and thus get to know their instructors and one another well.
Why participate in the STEM Learning Cohort?

Students who participate as members of these communities (University of Maryland) have higher retention and graduation rates and report higher satisfaction with their undergraduate experience at Maryland. These positive outcomes result from:
The connections that are made with students who share similar interests
the substantial contact that occurs with individual faculty members outside the classroom
Enhanced programmatic opportunities
Specialized guidance on academic and career planning, frequent service learning opportunities, and creative utilization of the research, cultural, natural and political resources of the Dallas-Ft.Worth Arlington area.

Mountain View College Police Who Are We?
Mountain View College Police Services Rendered
Interior and exterior call boxes
Personal Escorts (after hours)
Battery Failures (jump starts)
Accident Investigation
Respond to medical emergencies
Drug Awareness Classes
Gang Awareness Classes
Lost and Found (W135)
Notary Public (W135)

Services Provided by the Advising Center
Degree Planning
Student Services Recruitment
Transfer Services
Student Workshops
Classroom Presentations

Transfer Resource Center
“Connecting you with your future”
Located in the Advising Center, Room: S2058

Transfer Liaisons: Johnathan Moss 214-860-8622 &
Gilda Nunez 214-860-8659

Transfer Timeline
Transfer Activities
University Campus Tours
Transfer Advising and Planning Resources
Advising from University Counselors
Graduation planning toward completing core curriculum, degrees and certificates.
Transfer Student Panels (Transfer Tips)
University Express Admissions
Classroom Presentations
Professional Development: Transfer Workshops for Staff

STEM Learning Cohorts
STEM Learning Cohorts
STEM Learning Cohorts
Pay Plans are only available for Fall and Spring Terms (Not available for Summer Term)

Tuition payments are due by the date on the registration summary

Students w/Financial Aid issues need to see the FA Office

To drop/add classes, please see the Advising Office (Cashiers do not have this access)

For Incomplete or Pending credit card transactions, please contact your banking institution; Cashiers cannot void these transactions

Cashier FACTS
All Refunds/Disbursements are done through a HigherOne account* (in majority cases)
*HigherOne website: https://dcccdmoneycard.higheroneaccount.com

MVC has installed a HigherOne Courtesy Phone for direct access to HigherOne representatives. The HigherOne station is located in the S Building, 2nd floor, by the Cashier’s windows

To request a new HigherOne card, students must verify their address on e-connect and one will be mailed to them; once they receive it, they can activate it through e-connect. For a replacement card, the student must call HigherOne

Students can also make payments through e-Connect; under Payments & Disbursements

Cashier’s hours of operation
Monday & Thursday 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday CLOSED

Cashier’s Contact Numbers: (214) 860-8709, 8710, 8674

TRIO-Student Support Services promotes self-reliance and empowerment through our academic support and individual guidance for students pursuing an Associate’s degree and successfully transferring to a four-year college or university.

Academic advisement



Financial aid application assistance

Scholarship research assistance

Access to computers and printers for completing assignments

Universities tours

On-campus and off-campus program related events and activities.

And much much more!

Steps to applying for financial aid for Mountain View College

• Gift aid
Gift aid includes grants and scholarships that you are not required to repay, except as mandated (see grant repayment requirements).

• Work-study
Work-study is an award that must be earned through employment.

• Direct Loans
Direct Loans are low-interest loans for students and parents to help pay for the cost of a student’s education. A loan is money that you borrow and must repay with interest.

If you are ineligible for financial aid, your college may be able to provide:

• Emergency assistance
Emergency assistance consists of short-term tuition and textbook loans from the college that must be repaid.

Financial aid for credit students may be categorized into three types:
Texas Public Education Grants (TPEGs), for tuition only, are available to individuals to take career or occupation-related courses.

You should become completely familiar with the terms and conditions of any financial aid award you accept. If you have questions about a specific award, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Financial Assistance for Continuing Education
Frequently Asked Questions regarding Verification
What is verification?
We are verifying information you put on your FAFSA.

This process is completed online. That means you must check your email often. Through email, you will find out your status, if there are any other documents we need, etc.

If you are selected, your financial aid application will not be processed until Verification is complete.

How will I know if I am selected for Verification?
There are two ways.
. You will get an email from FAFSA that includes your Student Aid Report (SAR). Your SAR will tell you if you have been chosen for Verification.

The colleges of DCCCD will also send you an email from “Student Aid Process” with the subject line “Online Verification Process.”

The Verification email will be sent to the email address you listed on your FAFSA. If you don’t see it in your in box, check your spam.
If your Student Aid Report says you have been chosen for Verification, but you don’t get an email, please call the Financial Aid Call Center at 972-587-2599 or visit your college Financial Aid Office.

If you are a dependent student, your parents will also receive the same email. The email address cannot be the same for the student and parent. In order to correct this, you will need to make the change on your most recent FAFSA application.

How to Complete the Verification Process:
The Verification email will include a blue link. This link is your personal URL (PURL). Click on the link. This will take you to the Verification Web page. Enter the requested information to register.

Create your user name, password and security questions. Be sure to choose things you will easily remember.

If you are a dependent student, the Parent Information Box will appear. Enter the information requested. (Note: You will be asked to enter your parent’s email address. Remember, it must be different than your email address. If your parent does not have an email address, they must get one to complete this process.) Click “Next” to continue. Note: Your parent must complete each step in the process before you can complete your step(s).

You will be asked to complete requirements specific to your FAFSA and information on your tax return.

Verification Worksheet
This worksheet tells us who lives in your home, who is going to college and what kind of income you had last year.

How Financial Aid Disbursement Works
Once you’ve been sent your financial aid award letter, here’s what happens before you receive your money:

You will need to log in to eConnect and accept your award(s). Please be sure to read the terms of your awards and learn about the requirements you must meet to maintain eligibility. These requirements are called Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.

If you haven’t done so already, you will also need to verify your address in eConnect (login required) so you can choose the method you prefer to receive any refund you may be owed through the DCCCD Money Card program.

Next, your award funds are credited to your account, usually 10 days before your first class day for a term. Any tuition you still owe to the college is deducted from these funds.

Your college then verifies the accuracy of award amounts credited to your account. This verification includes confirming your enrollment level and your eligibility to receive payment. Under federal regulations, DCCCD has up to 14 business days to complete this part of the process.

Once verification takes place and your eligibility is confirmed, your funds are released and sent to Higher One for distribution. If you have opted for the “One Account” at Higher One, your funds are available in most cases the same day.

You will receive a notice from DCCCD informing you funds have been sent to Higher One for distribution.

These steps, such as verification of enrollment with your professors, must be completed before you receive your remaining financial aid money.

In addition, if your award(s) include Pell, SEOG or federal loans, your eligibility must be confirmed with the Department of Education before your remaining funds can be released. This process usually takes just 24 to 48 hours and can only be done after your award(s) have been credited to your account.

While it may seem like financial aid is taking longer than it should, your funds will be released before the federally mandated deadlines pass.

What Can You Do to Get Your Money Earlier Next Semester?
The easiest way to ensure your funds are processed as quickly as possible is to stay on top of your paperwork.

Submit your FAFSA as soon as possible — the form for the Fall semester becomes available Jan. 1 of that year (the Fall 2014 application was made available in January 2014). The 2014-2015 school year FAFSA is available now. (You must use Internet Explorer to fill it out online.)

Respond as soon as you get forms requiring input. If you get a request for more information, or a signature, send in your response as soon as possible.

Financial aid isn’t a race, but the sooner you fill out your paperwork and submit it, the better your chances of receiving money. Colleges are only given a certain amount of money every year to distribute to students, and if your paperwork is submitted early, you have a much better chance of being fully funded.

The Student Life Office empowers students to develop life and leadership skills in support of Mountain View College goals for student success, citizenship, celebration of diversity, community partnerships and the promotion of new opportunities. Mountain View College Student Life office is committed to providing co-curricular activities, travel excursions, and leadership programs for students that will contribute to their overall academic experience and foster personal growth.

The Mission

It is accomplished through focus on life-learning skills such as:

Cultural Awareness
Career Preparation

What does OSL offer?
Clubs and Organizations
BSO - National Black Student Leadership Conference – College Station, Tx
LULAC - Boot Camp - Houston TX, State Convention, Ft. Worth, National Convention - Miami, Fl.
Aviation Club – Flight Simulation - Oklahoma
Criminal Justice Club – Prison visit - Huntsville TX
Phi Theta Kappa - State Convention, and International Convention - Florida.
Models Club – Modeling School - NY City, NY
SGA – State Convention - Austin TX
Science Club – NASA – Houston TX, New Mexico

Club Annual Travel Experiences

Leadership Programs Retreats & Conferences
The Student Ambassador Program
Student Government Association
Student Leadership Institute
Clubs and Organizations
Annual SGA Training Retreat
HACU Conference
Various Club affiliation conferences

Workshops and Development Opportunities
Pathways Skill Building
Women’s Conference
Men’s Leadership Conference
OSL Advisory Planning Board
Student Leadership Academy


Purpose: Mountain View College provides career planning and job search services free of charge to students, alumni, former students, and those in the process of enrolling. The Career Services Office provides opportunities to learn job search skills including: establishing employment contacts; completing job applications; preparing a resume and cover letter; and interviewing for a job. Further, career assessments and computerized career guidance programs are available to assist you with choosing a college major and making career decisions. Job listing services are also provided in the Career Center.

Contact Information


Oscar Santos-Senior Development Program Specialist










Monday and Thursday
• 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.
• Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
• 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Student Rights:

In college, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure that their needs are met. Two federal civil rights laws can assist them in reaching their school goals.
These laws are called the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. These laws provide students with these rights:
• the right to equal access to postsecondary education;
• the right to non-discrimination;
• the right to participate in, and enjoy the benefits of your school;
• the right to an accessible education;
• the right to an appropriate accommodation;
• the right to have information about your disability kept private.

Who is eligible for Disability Services?

A student may be eligible for programs or services if they have one or more of the following disabilities:
• learning disability
• physical disability (visual or mobility)
• psychological disability
• communication disability (speech, language or hearing/deafness)
• acquired brain impairment
• developmental disability
• other medical conditions
• If in doubt, ask. Do not assume that you are not covered

Student Responsibilities

• Notify the college. You MUST self-disclose to receive accommodations. You may inform your advisor and he or she will direct you to the Disability Office.
You may go directly to the Disability Office and request accommodations.
• Provide Documentation
It is a student’s responsibility to provide professional documentation of his or her disability. The DSPS office will be able to tell you what types of documentation are required.
• Determine your classes' requirements and possible needed accommodations
• Request Accommodation
Request accommodations as far in advance as is possible.
• Meet Academic and Conduct Standards
You get no special treatment because you have a disability. You must still meet the essential requirements of a class or program.
For more information please contact:
Cindy Suarez: Rehabilitation Specialist/Disability Advisor
Oscar Santos: Senior Program Development Specialist
Phone: 214 860-8677
Office: S2080 Student Services Building (Second Floor)

Service Learning provides an opportunity for students to apply the concepts you are learning in your college courses to a volunteer position with a non-profit, non-religious, and non-political agency and/or to “try out” professional fields you are considering for your future and/or it just sounds like fun!

Service Learning students volunteer a minimum of 15 hours with one agency (40 hours for hospitals) during a semester and attend one mandatory one hour on-campus Reflection Group meeting. Volunteers’ schedules are worked out by the student and the agency. Individual professors may have class related activities for their students to receive extra credit. Students who choose to may also enroll in SPCH 1145 for credit on their transcript must volunteer a minimum of 15 hours.

Get credit or extra credit in some Fall ‘14 classes!
Use on scholarship, university transfer, and job applications!
Try out a professional job NOW!
Make NEW friends! Help yourself and someone else!

You could choose from the following agencies or many more listed in the Service Learning Agencies Available for MVC Students or suggest another community service!
* Dallas Independent School District * Charlton Methodist Hospital
* River Legacy Living Science Center * Trinity River Mission
* Dallas Challenge * Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts
* Grand Prairie Independent School District * Goodwin Hospice Plus
* MVC International Conversation Partners * Methodist Central Hospital

See Flyer in Packet for Instructions
Contact: Oscar Santos
Office: S 2080 Student Services Building (Second Floor)
214 860-8677

Student Code of Conduct
The purpose of policies about student conduct and discipline are to provide guidelines for the educational environment of the College District. This environment views students in a holistic manner, encouraging and inviting them to learn and grow independently. Such an environment presupposes both rights and responsibilities. Free inquiry and expression are essential parts of this freedom to learn, to grow, and to develop. However, this environment also demands appropriate opportunities and conditions in the classroom, on the campus, and in the larger community. Students must exercise these freedoms with responsibility.

– Website: https://www1.dcccd.edu/catalog/ss/code.cfm?loc=MVC

For more information on any of the above topics please see:

Regina Garner, M.Ed., LPC
Associate Dean of Student Support Services
Office: S2080 Student Services Building (Second Floor)
972 658-7401

Health Center
To promote wellness within the employees and promote student success and ability to complete their classroom work without the stress of minor illnesses/injuries

Campus Nurse – K. Eileen Riverside, RN
Location: S 1080
Hours:Mon & Thurs - 10:30a.m – 7:00p.m
Tue, Wed, Fri - 8:30a – 5:00p.m.
Emergency Calls
First Aid
Minor Tests (BS, Preg, Vision)
Health Counseling
Community Outreach
Quiet Area

Store Manager

Rawn Johnson
Team Lead, Text

David Tassin
Team Lead, Operations

Angie Gonzalez




School Supplies


Mountain View Gifts & Gear

Course Material
Authorized partner of DCCCD & MVC
Accuracy of information
Knowledge of usage

Online ordering & home delivery
Leverage 900+ store’s inventory

Cost- Saving Opportunities
Used textbooks


Digital options


Be Careful
Access Codes


Old Editions

Lab Books / Missing pages

The Department of Athletics and Intramural sports encourages students to get involved in programs and make suggestions for other activities. We are also interested in collaborating with other groups; please contact us with any ideas.

All events are open to men and women.
Activities are Monday - Friday from 4:30 to 8 p.m. Times and dates are subject to change. Please check the website or the bulletin board by the gymnasium periodically for updates.


All players must be students, faculty or staff of Mountain View College.
To be eligible to play, you must be on your team’s roster and have read and sign the player’s contract. Rosters and contracts must be completed and signed before your team’s league game.

NOTE: All players must show a valid, current semester student ID card to prove eligibility status. For additional information, please contact Keith McKinnon (Room E04) at 214-860-3633 or via email at kmckinnon@dcccd.edu

First Generation Students and Meet a Certain Income

FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act).

Reemphasize all education records are considered confidential. May not be released without consent of student to anyone (i.e., parents, friends, businesses, etc.) Occasionally, parents/guardian may need to register student. The student must sign a waiver giving you permission to register student. Students under the age of 18 falls under FERPA.

Student Success Center
First-Year & Rising Star
• First Year Experience program orientation

Initial and continuing academic advisement

Monthly Meetings with Advisors

• Degree planning and mapping

• Registration assistance

• Financial aid application assistance

• Mentoring for Fall & Spring

• Opportunities for the student to participate in community and social events

Student Success Club

• Enrichment opportunities via workshops/seminars.
Director, Carlos E. Cruz, M. Ed.
Program Services Coordinator, Lorena Faz, M. Ed.
Academic Advisor II,
Selma Lister
Academic Advisor II, Veronica Luciano, M. Ed.
Administrative Secretary,
Teresa Lopez
Senior Academic Advisor,
Katy Washington, M. Ed.
Academic Advisor II,
David Kellum
STEM Advisors:

David Kellum A- L 214-860-8648

Katy Washington M-Z 214-860-8555

Joyce Larkin STEM OFFICE

Full transcript