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My Future Career

No description

Melissa lee

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of My Future Career

Art Director
Education plans
Art director
Why are you suited for this profession, and what skills do you possess?
Ideal Future Career
Art director
Art director
Future Life
Art director
My Future Career
Today's Agenda
Education Plans -POST SECONDARY (continued)
York University: Design Program (BDes)
4 years ( Undergraduate Degree)
>Bachelor of Design (Honours)
> Work placement / co-op available
> Joint program with Sheridan College for BDes
> $43, 338.4 / 4years
> $5, 000 (around) / 4 years (10 monthly passes/year
> Books: $500^
Total: $48, 838.40 ^

Master of Design program (MDes)
2 Years full time program ( graduate Degree)
> Masters of Design (MDes)

Art director
I personally do not have any parental pressure.
I Currently have not taken any art courses in high school
Art director
Education Plans - POST SECONDARY
OCAD University (previously known as Ontario College of Art and Design):
Graphic Design Major Program - Undergraduate degree
Bachelor of Design
4 years
tuition: $8, 567/ year
> $34, 268 / program
price of books: $500^
Transit: around $5 000/ 4 years (metro pass for 10 monthly passes/year)
Total: $39 500^/ 4 years
My Future Career
Why are you attracted to this field or profession?
Love for art
Enjoy working with others
Many opportunities
Nancy Chen
Weylie Hoang
Lauren Riihimaki
Mimi Chai
Jennet Law
Personality Dimensions

authentic blue
resourceful orange
Learning Style

Top 3 work Preference:

Method of Working:

~synthesizing/ co-ordinating/analyzing
- Speaking ~ signaling/ service-assisting
- setting up/ precision working
Top 3 Abilities:
Manual Dexterity
Spatial Perception
Finger Dexterity
Don Mills Collegiate Institute
Cyber Arts Program
What I would like my future career to be
Reasons as to why I'm am suited for this profession
Education plans - grade 11-12 & post secondary
Future Life
Grade 11- 12 courses:
Visual Arts
Drafting and Design
Computers/ Technology
Social Studies
Dramatic Arts
Communications and Media Studies (gr 12)
Literature (gr 12)
> I have recently started taking art lessons outside of school
> I take grade 10 visual arts next year at Agincourt or i will study art in the Cyber Arts Program.
> I will study art and explore computer programs and types of art.

I will try to relocate myself to New York City or Los Angeles by applying for a position in a company
transition into freelancing
Set up an RSP
Go into teaching
Open my own art supply store or art gallery
I will retire around the ages of 50-67

Financial Issues
>OSAP Grant: 800/year
> Apply for bursaries and grants
> I will find a part time job
> buy and sell used textbooks
> tutor someone
Low Grades
> I will go to the numeracy available in the library
> I already go to Saturday school for french, Physics (first term), and math (second term)

What is an art director?
An art director is responsible for creating the right image, display, or design for media related things such as films, advertisements, newspapers etc. They may organize a team and work with photographers or any other art professionals.

Thank you for listening to my presentation!
I will now take any
comments, questions or concerns.
Job Trends:

Art Director
(Future Life Continued)
Grade 12 university-level English ENG4U ( min 70% avg)
High school diploma
5 additional university/college or University -leveled courses
Art Portfolio

Offers for Admission are based upon your portfolio which can be presented:
in person
by digital submission via SlideRoom
by mail

Strategic Foresight and Innovation Program
full time - 16 months/ 4 semesters
Masters of Strategic Foresight and Innovation Design
Job life:
earnings~ $40 000- $100 000 ^
Location~ Big cities and in studios, offices, or home
Employment ~ Company employee or freelancer

Sample Career Path
Level 1
Junior art director
40k-60k/ year

Sample Career Path
Level 2
Sample Career Path
Level 3
Sample Career Path
Level 4
Intermediate Art Director

Senior Art Director

Creative Art director
70k-100k +/ year
Working in the print industry
helping out the senior art director
presenting to clients
working with bigger projects and budgeting
working with copy writers and a team/ group
Meeting clients
managing a team
working on big scale projects
Managing and supervising team and progress
Creating projects for top clients
Graphic Design 1,2,3,4
Graphic Design History in the 20th Century
Research methodologies for Graphic Design
Typography 1, 2 (structures), 3 (advanced structures)
History and Evolution of Typography
Advanced Typography
Experimental Typography
Communication Design 1&2
Communication: Surface, Object, Space
Communication: Time, Motion, Media
Photography for Communication
Colour in Context
Global Visual and Material Culture: Beginning to 1800s
Drawing Translation
Drawing Visualization
The Essay and the Argument: Mechanics
Think Tank 1: Awareness
Production Processes in graphic Design
Graphic Design workshop 1 & 2
3 Liberal Studies courses
1 Expansion Studio Course
Ryerson University: Graphic Communications Management
~ undergraduate degree
4 years
> summer Internship placement ~ year 3 & 4
>Technology and business management courses
>Bachelor of Technology
>$6,814 - $7,561/ year
> around 28 750 / 4 years
>$ 5, 000 (around) 4 years (10 monthly passes/ year
> books: $500^
Total: $34, 250 ^

Ryerson University Admissions:
York University Admissions:
Designing/ Displaying
Working with Detail
Working with Ideas
Improvising/Experimenting/ Adapting
> Talking
> Initiating
Personal Management
> Flexibility
> Pride in performance
>Risk Taking
>Tolerating Discomfort

Decreased 26% 2013-2014
At a stable amount as of now
is suspected to grow 3% in the US between 2012-2022
less job opportunities in print
more opportunities in electronic based / internet based publications
Grade 12 English
Grade 11 U/ M or Grade 12 Mathematics
Grade 12 M principles of Financial Accounting ( not mandatory)
Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
70%^ overall average
6 grade 12 U or M courses
Create an art portfolio
> presented at an interview
> submitted through online application site ( living 300km^ from york)
Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
6 U or M courses
Grade 12 English
Multiple Intelligence:
Top 5:
> Verbal
> Logical
> Naturalist
> Visual
> Interpersonal

Personality quiz:
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