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Behind The Gates Juanita

No description


on 12 April 2014

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Transcript of Behind The Gates Juanita

Behind The Gates
Slender : Small in size

Drapes: Cover/hang cloths fold in a graceful folds.

Facilities: Something designed to serve function.

Disband: To brake up or dissolve.

Prompts: Done ,performed

Genius: A person having Capacity.

Interstate: Connecting or involving different states.

E-reader: A electronic used for reading.

Feverishly: Having fever

Surveillance: A watch keep over a person group, especially suspects.

Debriefing: To question formally in order to obtain useful information.

Conspiracy: An evil plan in secret by 2 or more people.

Penetrates: To enter the interior.

Pampered:to treat with kindness and care.

Triumphant: having achieved victory.

Regal: Of or pertaining to king royal.

Coma: The needs enveloped around the nucleus of comment.

Slipper: A light low shoe with out laces.

Prodigy: Something out of the ordinary cause by nature.

Empathic: A person who relies on experience alone.

Slumps: to drop or slide suddenly.

Dorms: Room to sleep in.

Serenely: Calm or peaceful.

Lateness: The fact of being far on into the day or night.

J-stroke: A stroke on witch the paddle is turned to act a rude.

Canoe: A narrow keel less boat with point ends.

Regulations: A rule or directive made and maintained by an authority.

Splotches: Make a dual blot or smear no
Shriek: A high pitched piercing cry or sound
Halfheartedly: With out enthusiasm nor interest.

Main Character
The main character of the book is Louisa because she is the one that is telling the story and also she is very important in the book. That is why Louisa is the main character.
Good or bad?
The main character in my book is good because she has BFF'S she is very polite to every one she is very observent and she likes to hear every important things
The book takes place in Chicago in 2018. Chicago is very polluted in the story and the girls are trying to help the planet and they try all the things that they can do.

The plot of the book is that the environment is damaged and they try to help the environment by going to a school and learning how to do that.
The climax of the story was that in the end the book finished in a starting war and all the girls started ruing out of the school. And were being chased.
Science fiction
The way you can define a book that is a science fiction book is that you can pay attention in the year or the materials you us for example
Yes i do think the characters are very realistic I really think if we don't do any thing know then we can be in chose like in the book So really think the characters and the setting is real because their does exist a country called Chicago so yes I do.
Meting Characters
I would like to meet characters from the book because then I would know how to prevent and how they felt when things went wrong. SO I would like to meet Louisa because she is the one that is telling the story.
Did I like any characters?
Yes I did I really liked Maddie because of the way she is the way she express her self and how she can take things in very good and let them out also very good I really like that.
Important things
The most important things in the book was that at Maddie and Louisa were going to this school and learning to help the environment. Another important thing that happens was that Louisa met this 2 girls and became friends with them. The 3 important thing was that Rosie a girl treated very badly at Louisa. The other important thing was that they learned how to help the environment and help stop the wars in a secret school but one day in the school booms started suiting the school and the girls had to leave and their is were the book finishes. So those are the most important events that happens in the story.
Opinion about the book
I think that the book is very intresting but also has it's boring parts. I really recomend this book to 5 and 4 graders they should read the hole series it is really good trust me you will want to r-read the book because it is so good I really enjoyed it I hope you read it and enjoy it as much as I did.
The end
I hope you enjoyed
30 Vocabulary Words
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