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Laura Secord

No description

sandy lin

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Laura Secord

Laura Secord
A Canadian Heroine

Laura Secord
September 13 1775- October 17 1868
reason why she achieved fame
Laura Secord achieved fame when she delivered valuable information to British Lieutenant Fitzgobbon about the American's ambush at Beaver Dams. She played an important role in the War of 1812. Without her, the British could have suffered a great loss. However, she wasn't recognized for her work until 1860 by The Prince of Wales. She was rewarded 100 pounds (about $500 at that time)
Laura Secord also achieved fame by doing a male's job, spying. She eavesdropped on the American's conversation on attacking at Beaver Dams.
characteristics of laura secord
Laura was courageous. When she heard about the American's plan , she decided to warn Lieutenant Fitzgobbon. She embarked on an extremely treacherous journey. However, it was a risky decision since the War of 1812 was still occurring so Laura could have gotten herself killed.
Another characteristic Laura possess is perseverance. From her home in Niagara region to Beaver Dams was a long walk. Since she had no transportation, she had to walk for 32 kilometers and hadn't gave up on traveling to her destination. In fact, the weather (hot and humid days) made the travel harsher. In a result, she got the information delivered.
Also, Laura was intelligent. Since the War of 1812 battles mostly took place on the main roads she took the route to Beaver Dams through the woods. If she hadn't gone through the woods, she could have accidentally stumbled into a battle without knowing and gotten killed.
Laura secord origin
Born in Great Barrington, Laura Secord was the eldest daughter of Thomas Ingersoll and Elizabeth Dewey. Laura was apart of a huge family consisting her stepmother, father, seven sisters and three brothers. Her family moved to Queenston and ran an inn. In June 1797, she married a wealthy man, James Secord and gave birth to six daughters and one son. They live in a house where they ran an inn on the first level of their house in St. David.
did you know?
If Laura Secord never delivered the message to Lieutenant Fitzgobbon today's Toronto could have been apart of the United States of America.
In conclusion, Laura Secord made a huge impact towards the War of 1812. The Canadiens were able to defend themselves using what they have which made their confidence grew into an independent nation.
The picture above displays laura telling lieutenant fitzgobbon about the american's attack.
reference list
By: Sandy
visit the following websites below to learn more interesting facts about laura secord:
DId you know?
A chocolate was named after Laura Secord.
Canada had built a statue of Laura Secord (see picture above) at Ottawa to commemorate her contribution of assistance in The War of 1812 and help build our country Canada.
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