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Watchmen Chapter 3

No description

Mirza Zarglis

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Watchmen Chapter 3

Summary Newspaper distributor rambles about nuking Russia before they nuke America. Paranoid about this situation, and is ironic to ending. Laurie has an argument with Dr. Manhattan about the distance between the two. Laurie leaves to visit Dan, her only non-superhero friend, while Dr. Manhattan prepares to make a rare appearance on a talk show Janey slater, a former friend of Dr. Manhattans, speaks to Nova express about an issue
“That’s why I’m talking to you people(Nova Express). I want the world to know about him, what he did to me.” Dr. Manhattan makes the appearance on the talk show and answers questions, meanwhile Laurie and Dan are ambushed on the sidewalk
The reporter from Nova Express makes an interrogative accusation towards Dr. Manhattan potentially exposing the harm of infecting others with cancer
Teleports everyone to the parking lot out of frustration
Dr. Manhattan vanishes to Mars to cause no more harm to the humans Russia begins invading the middle east and becomes a threat to America with Dr. Manhattan gone Main Characters Dr. Manhattan
Jon Osterman
An invulnerable god
Currently in a relationship With Silk Spectre II
a blue-skinned superhuman who can do anything
Member of The Watchmen or former Silk Spectre II
Mostly referred to as Laurie Juspeczyk
Daughter of Sally Juspeczyk and the comedian
After retiring from working as Silk Spectre, she lived with Dr. Manhattan Dan Dreiberg
Nite owl II
Doesnt have superpowers
Laurie's friend Janey Slater
Had a relationship with Dr. Manhattan
Dr. Manhatann left her
Has been infected with cancer, possible from Dr. Manhattan Foreshadowing Reoccurring symbol
Possible means a nuclear impact or attack
Newspaper distributor talks earlier about nuking Russia before they nuke America Additional details
Tales of the black freighter, which is the comic that is read in and out of this issue, serves as a metaphor for what is actually happening in the comic.
"I remember soon after he failed to prevent J.F.K's assassination, we argued." Page Analysis: Page 26-27 “The latest analysis is through. If the Soviets continue to into Pakistan, it’s 60% certain they’ll try taking Western Europe also.”
"If he wanted to live on the red planet, he should have stayed home.” “I’d always kind of hoped that the big decision would rest with somebody else.”
"That's pretty breathtaking." Reoccurring symbol of the nuclear emblem, signaling the nuclear threat Discussion Why do you think Dr. Manhattan ignores Laurie or doesn't put in too much effort in their relationship ? Why do you think, out of all things, Dr. Manhattan took a picture of a man and a woman to mars? Why do you think, specifically at this time, an incident like this came up (him being accused of giving people cancer)? Why do you think of the disappearance of each watchmen? What do you think this will lead to? Character Analysis-Dr.Manhattan -Was Formerly known as Jon Osterman before becoming the victim of a nuclear radiation accident was then "reborn" with his current supernatural powers
-Works for the U.S. Government -His powers are godlike there is little he can not do. Morality Who's Dr.Manhattan? -Can be thought of a god among men -There is no one above Dr. Manhattan he has no reason to really abide by any rules -Can do essentially whatever he wants with no repercussions -An example of this can be seen one page 16 of the chapter when Manhattan teleports everyone out of the newsroom Difficulty Relating to Humans -Dr. Manhattan is a being far beyond everyone else -Humans may seem insignificant to Manhattan because of his over all significance -This could explain his relationship problems with Laurie Key Themes and Symbols Apocalypse -The threat of nuclear war and apocalypse is a threat throughout the novel and chapter 3 -Throughout the chapter there are many symbols that represent this including the trefoil Who Watches The Watchmen? -Is a phrase that's a result of the public's anger towards vigilantes before the Keene Act -Notice the difference on the clocks, the dooms day clock is ticking
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