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Athena the greek goddess

No description

Aleksandra Smyk

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Athena the greek goddess

family extra "S Athena was best known as !!! Athena goddess of war
By:Aleksandra Smyk zeus websites metis Erichthonius (the baby ) Demeter Poseidon Cronus Rhea Hermes Aphrodite myth Her symbol to represent herself was an owl . It represented for her wisdom . She was also known for her wisdom, and was the godess of war, grafts and so on . She was also one of the three virgin goddesses. http://www.goddessgift.com/goddess-myths/greek_goddess_athena.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glaucus_%28owl%29 http://www.ancientgreece.com/s/Athena/ http://ablemedia.com/ctcweb/consortium/ancientolympiansathena4.html it's Athena
O.M.G READ NONE STOP http://www.greekmythology.com/Myths/The_Myths/Birth_of_Athena/birth_of_athena.html http://www.greek-gods.info/greek-gods/athena/stories/birth-of-athena/ This myth was called the birth of Athena .At first Metis was pregnant with Zeus, but then she left him. Right after that Zeus swallowed Athena in order to protect his kingdom .At first everything was going the way it should be , but then Zeus felt started to feel a big pain in his head . So, later he asked hephaestus to comfort him. Hephaestus agreed on everything that Zeus said and and opened Zeus’ head with an ax. Then all of a sudden Athena sprang out of Zeus’ head. She was already an adult and had armor and a shield . Athena had never ever received a mothers care. Athena has a large genealogy.Zeus is her Father and Metis her mother. Zeus was the king of the gods and sky. Metis was the goddess of wisdom. Metis didn't want to have a child, (which would be Athena) but Zeus forced her . Athena also had a son Erichthonius that she found in a basket. Erichthonius is the god of fire and more... He is son of Athena and Hephaestus. Athena had an Aunt (Demeter) and an Uncle (Poseidon) Demeter was the goddess of harvest and Poseidon was the god of sea. She also had a grandfather and grandmother. Cronus is the king of titans.Rhea is the mother of the gods. Hermes and lots more....were my half brothers and Aphrodite and lots more were my half sisters. Athena had many half brothers and half sisters.Hermes is the god of herds, Aphrodite was the goddess of beauty.Her genealogy is really interesting but what Athena is best known as is even more fun and interesting.
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