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Hayley Gray

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Norway

Norway: The Ultimate Travel Destination! How Norway was Born! Every Day is Sunny in Norway!
(Well, not exactly) Norway is one of the world's oldest countries, founded in 900 A.D.
The Vikings, ancient sailors who ruled the Atlantic in the 1100's, as well as discovering Iceland, Greenland, and America, hailed from Norway.
As pirates, the Vikings spread their culture throughout all of western Europe.
Norway spent hundreds of years under the occupation of Denmark and Sweden, resulting in cultural mixing that made Norway the interesting place it is today! In more recent years, Norway has produced such famous people as Roald Amundsen, the Antarctic Explorer, and Edvard Munch, who painted The Scream.
For the last century, Norway has been experiencing exceptional peace and prosperity, making it an ideal spot to relax on vacation! Norway is known for its fjords, unique inlets cut into the sea-cliffs by glaciers that melted after the ice age. The south of Norway is a lowland crisscrossed by many rivers; the North is home to spectacular glaciers and mountains that were the birthplace of winter sports. Summers in Norway have a beautiful moderate climate.
It never gets too hot; temperatures top out at about 85 degrees in the summer.
Even in winter, temperatures on the coast remain fairly mild. Winters in the mountain country can be brutal, with temperatures up to -40 degrees, but the snow for skiing and other winter sports is the best in the world.
The sun sets late at night because of how far north Norway is, and travelers often go to the northern part of the country to see the sun shine at midnight. Norway: Nature At Its Peak The Geography of Norway Where to Call Home (temporarily) Kirkenses Snow Hotel- Located in Northern Norway it uses the snow's insulating abilities
Juvet Landscape Hotel- located in Valldal near Geiranger and recipient of 2011 Norwegian Tourism Award
Solvogarden- simple hotel with spacious rooms and everyday needs Norway You'll Be Bored The Atlantic Road The Cuisine of Norway Norway Today Krumkake- a cookie similar to a waffle cone
Fiskeboller- meatballs made with cod
Svinekoteletter- pork chops with fried onions
Lutefisk- white fish such as cod preserved in lye Norway You'll Be Bored Norway You'll Be Bored Nidaros Cathedral Fonna SommerSki Senter Norway You'll Be Bored The National Gallery in Oslo Norway: It's Worth It! A roundtrip flight to Norway costs about $1,400 dollars.
Although some of the hotels recommended in this video border on the extravagant,
Norway has lodging and entertainment options for every budget.
And while in Norway, remember, the krone is worth about 1/6 of the american dollar, so prices look much higher than they actually are! Imagine a land where nature is celebrated, protected, and enjoyed.
An unforgettable encounter in
the perfect environment... A Note on the Music The music in the background of this presentation is the song "I'd Rather Dance With You" by the Norwegian duo The Kings of Convenience. Plan Your Visit to Norway Today! Norway is a land rich in both nature and culture, ideal for a relaxing vacation.
Norway's attractions include something for everyone.
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