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No description

Lorie Wilbourn

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Apple

By Team Victory: Vivian Brown, Donald Clay,
Lorie Jamerson, Larry Roberts Apple's Analysis Existing Vision Statement
Mission Statement
Strategies Step 1: Apple's Vision,
Strategies Step 3: Apple's External Opportunities & Threats Step 5: Apple's EFE Matrix Step 7: Apple's IFE Matrix Step 9:Strategy 1 & 2 Step 11: Step 2: The New
Vision and Mission Statements for Apple New Vision Statement
New Mission Statement Step 4:
Apple's CPM Step 6: Apple's Internal Strengths & Weaknesses Step 8: Apple's SWOT Matrix Step 8: Apple's BCG Matrix Step 8: Apple's IE Matrix Step 8: Apple's Grand Strategy Matrix Step 8: Apple's QSPM Step 8: Apple's Advantages & Disadvantages of Alternative Strategies Step 10: Step 12: References: The 7 opportunities
The 9 threats Step 8: Apple's SPACE Matrix The 7 Strengths
The 5 Weaknesses Strategy 2
•Increase relationships with other retailers

•Establish employee training programs for partners Too many
to list! Open forty computer retail stores (not just peripherals and accessories). Apple currently operates stores throughout the United States with only accessories and peripherals for their computers.
Adding hardware should generate more hands on awareness and use this strategy at established locations.
This will increase product accessibility for those who wish to view items other than just accessories and increase awareness of the originality of Apple’s products.
Estimated cost of $7.7 million per store Recommendations for
Strategy One Double sales revenue in 5 years (1st year 30%, 2nd year 25%,3rd year 20%, 4th 15%, 5th 10%)
Reduce unit cost of goods sold by 10% annually for next five years (leverage lower cost of labor overseas)
Introduce new consumer products each year (provide adequate funding for R&D, market research, and insure adequate communication between the two)
Provide functional enhancements to existing products or obsolesce product
Create Chief scientist position on Corporate Board to reflect importance of Research and Development Proposed Five Year Objectives and Policies Quarterly internal audits
Use Quarterly and Yearly Financial Reports
Annual external audits
Track Industry and Market Responses to new product development
Balance Scorecard
Yearly strategic meeting of division management and corporate management Strategic Review
and Evaluation Strategy 1
Increase Retail Store Presence

15% increase each year Step 10:
Recommendations for Strategy Two Expand into the Asian market over a five year period
Build a manufacturing facility and headquarters in Hong Kong
This will expand sales throughout Asia
Estimated cost $5 billion Step 10: Balance Sheet Step 10: Income Statement
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