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Electracy, Lingua Fracta, and Videocy

Collaborative project for Digital Rhetoric Seminar Spring 2012

Sarah Arroyo

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of Electracy, Lingua Fracta, and Videocy

platform vs. interface? “We shape our technologies even as they shape us” xii Middling? Lingua Fracta? Puncept? Congregation / Segregation “The interface functions as a dialectical space, in Burke’s terms, and a rhetorical space par excellence. The interface, then, is where rhetoric and technology meet . . .” xiii [Lingua Fracta] attempts to restore the dialectical character of the rhetorical canons, seeing them as terms that ‘belong, not in the order of motion and perception, but rather in the order of action and idea’.” xiii Lingua Fracta In-class discussion part one Lingua Fracta In-class discussion part two Lingua Fracta In-class discussion part three That was so great, thanks everyone! It was really beneficial for me to rewatch these and see all the connections we made to the reading.
Also, watching myself, I realize I need to do a better job of listening and riffing off of others ideas. (Bahareh) In-class Discussion
2/22/2012 Proairesis? How do spatial practices we engage in through print differ from practices of new media? (p.93) "To read a print text is to exist in . . . a priori space" (Brookes 94). "There are some places in hypertext theory where linearity is not offered as an all-or-nothing concern" (Brookes 96). "New media writing subverts the expectations that we have for print texts" (93). (MLA rant tie-in) Invention Arrangement Performance Renamed by Brooke to Pattern It is repetition without linearity Fractal - playing with size and orientation Pattern Book Database material existence REAL priveleged Delivery Narrative downplayed dematerialized VIRTUAL proaeresis // reflective choice, deliberate intent closed / open hermeneutics / proairesis Rick Rolled... Book Version! je ne sais quoi Heuretics lksajflsk sdaf dsa "Hermeneutics, in any case, comes after heuretics, applied to the invention as if it came from another, as the discourse of the other, to see what has been made; to note its meaning, value, or beauty" (33). Inventio The machine that perhaps best emblematizes the operations of the academic apparatus in the age of television is the synthesizer, especially
in its capacity for "sampling." (Electracy 31)

synthesizer ≈ macbook "Video is the prosthesis of inventive or heuretic thinking, just as literacy is the prosthesis of hermeneutics"(Ulmer 62). "In teleotheory academic discourse becomes figurative, allegorical" (32). There is no need to be against hermeneutics in order to be for heuretics, only that heuretics, applied to the invention as if it came from another, as the discourse of the other, to see what has been made; to note its meaning, value, or beauty. (Electracy 33)

...which is why we have to write papers to go along with our 671 projects ;) Videocy https://vimeo.com/34874881 People will not stop using print anymore than they stopped talking when they became literate. But they will use it differently--will speak and write differently within the frame of electronics. Teletheory [electracy] attempts to describe the nature of that difference. (Teletheory 18)

Pedagogical connection! Previous class discussions re: "digital media" v. "new media" // all media is always already new Video can do the work of literacy, but no better than literacy can do the work of speech. (Teletheory 19)

As Arroyo notes, electracy within the classroom can only supplement (not replace) literacy, at least at this stage since it has yet to be adopted/legitimized by the institution. Patterns Videocy Idiocy? A pattern forms in the encounter with the platform (i.e. the cameras) Heightened aesthetic sensitivity "'[O]ralysis,' is writable in video, in the same way that analysis is writable in alphabetic literacy." (Teletheory 64)

**Ulmer here aligns heuretics & hermeneutics within videocy (i.e. outside of the literate apparatus) Scary maze game reaction Winning!! Keyboard Cat! Teletheory String Story // "one has to carefully study the typical patterns and their names in each culture and then try to re-create the tales imaginatively from the bits and pieces recorded by ethnographers, folklorists, and string figure hobbyists" Teletheory:
"Choragraphy supplements mystory by shifting from identification with the figures of the maker's superego to the use of an actual geographic region as a scene of memory, as an image category configuring a metaphysics(classification system) native to electracy" (298).

"...general concern with overcoming the dissociation between individual experience and collective knowledge" (295). http://mashable.com/2012/01/27/best-shit-people-say-videos/ http://vimeo.com/10239517 Long Portraits Rheingold Takeaway:
Participatory Culture = Civic Participation “Rather than blaming young people for their apathy, the finger might instead be pointed
at the online and offline structures of opportunity that facilitate, shape and develop young
people’s participation Katie lisa Amy If anyone would like to contribute to my project, please take this quick survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/YL99899 Videocy & Idiocy Interviewer: Marshall McLuhan, you say that T.V. has turned the world into a global village, am I right? Will it turn us all into global village idiots? Cecilia Aly Project:
- (continuation of both projects, mainly project 2) combine Brooke's notion of pattern vs. sequence with Ulmer's concept of collage and montage to show how the patterns of status updates create a collage. For the final project I will focus on incentives; why do people update, and psychology behind it, and how can the collage created be a participatory/evolving MyStory...I'm still playing with this idea! Survey on Memes:
http://www.surveybuilder.com/s/JKbbmVXBIAA I've got 70+ answers so far! :) http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2012/04/20/easy_rider_in_3_animated_gifs_the_latest_in_our_series_classic_cinema_in_3_gifs.html jaime r/misogyny: I took it! :) -Katie yay! thanks :D I'll publish the results on the electracy site at the end of the semester - they're going to be used for my paper anyway! * http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/02/opinion/02hotchner.html?pagewanted=all
* http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/booksblog/2007/jul/10/followinghemingwaytothegra Rusty The Idiot emblem for my work here is also in motion, my memories of punctums are on a filmic loop compressing time and helping me to invent something new South Park episode "Faith-hilling" (2012) http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2012/03/26/citizen_kane_in_3_gifs_a_tribute_to_the_orson_welles_classic_in_animated_gifs.html http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2012/03/16/_the_godfather_celebrates_its_40th_anniversary_we_pay_tribute_in_3_gifs.html McLuhan: Again, there are worse fates. Umm, an idiot means a very private person. That’s a Greek word meaning a very private person. I’m losing my idiot status steadily. I’m becoming less and less private. I’d much rather be an idiot. The book in this picture, the assumption was made that the book was the source and the cause of all idiotism, all individuality, and that the new media will turn us all into collective automaton robots. This is a rather simple minded idea. Sexism on reddit courtesy of katie, i believe! http://lovelettersinhell.blogspot.com/2010/03/reddit-and-misogyny.html http://jezebel.com/5839306/reddit-users-hit-a-new-low ^ yep! r/gonewild "the friend zone" Where does the persona of the idiot come from, and how does it appear?
-Deleuze & Guattari
What is Philosopy? intuition and invention This makes me smile :)
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