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The Indian in the cupboard

No description

Nicole Walters

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of The Indian in the cupboard

Chapter 5:
Chapter 8:Cowboy
Patrick put a plastic toy in the cupboard.Then it came alive and it was a cowboy.The Indian and cowboy were going to fight because they didn't like each other.But then they were talking along with him and they became friends.

It's Omri's birthday party and his friend gives him a plastic Indian.He gets a cupboard and Omri puts the plastic Indian in it .So Omri wakes up and he gets the indian out of the cupboard and the indian is real.

chapter 2: The Door Is Shut
Chapter 6:The Chief Is Dead Long Live the chief
Chapter 7: uninvited bother
CHAPTER 4:The Great Outdoors
Omri got a horse for the Indian.The Indian said if he can get him a gun to. So Omri got a plastic horse and put the plastic horse in the cupboard. Omri told the Indian to wait.Then he opened the cupboard and the horse was real. Then he went outside to find some room for the Indian to ride the horse.
By:Lynne Reid Banks
Chapter 1: Birthday Present
Kaylie Jimenez

Omri go to school.He tells his friend about the indian That it comes to life. His friend doesn't belive him so Patrick comes to his house and saw that it was real so now Patrick want one to.

Omri tells the Indian if he want a friend. The Indian said no.Omri said why do you not want a friend.The Indian said that they will fight.So Omri went to the store and got a plastic one.Then he went back to his house and puts the chief in the cupboard.Then he is real and the chief saw the
Indian and died.
Omri brothers went in his room and almost found out that the Indian is real.Omri's friend went to his house to see if the Indian is real.Then Patrick saw the Indian and he said that he want one then Omri said that it wasn't that easy to make one.
Omri get a plastic toy and makes him real so he can help the Indian.Then Omri turns him back to plastic.The Indians says that he wants to make a long house
The Indian in the cupboard

CHAPTER 11:School
Omri gets Patrick the cowboy.Then Omri's mom came and told Patrick that his mom called for him to go back to his house.So Patrick told him to bring his cowboy to school.Then Omri took the cowboy to school.The Indian said that he wants to go to but Omri said that is was to dangerous there. So Omri took the Indian to school.So Omri gave the cowboy to Patrick and Patrick put the cowboy in his pocket.
Chapter:15 Underfloor Adventure
Omri went to the store because he promise the Indian that he would get a wife for him.But when he got back from the store his cupboard wasn't there.So told his brothers and he said that he didn't take it.But then he said it was in his room.Then when he got it back the key was missing.He told the Indian that the magic was gone.The Indian was sad that Omri couldn't make his wife.



The Indian shot the cowboy.Omri told the Indian to say sorry but the Indian didn't listen to Omri.So now the Indian wants to go back home.Omri got the cowboy and put him in the cupboard.Omri told the Indian to grab his wife our she won't go with him.So Omri shut the door an they were all plastic.His mom call
and he waked down with Patrick and Omri gave the key to his for her to toke care of the because he didn't want to lose it one more time.
Picture of the key
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