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egyptian revolution vs. american revolution

history project compare and contrast egyptian and american revolutions

sophia caltabiano

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of egyptian revolution vs. american revolution

Egyptian Revolution VS. American Revolution by sophia caltabiano America's revolution started in 1750 Egypt's revolution started in 2011 Both wanted a new way of government Americans were tired of
having England controlling
their country. Egyptians couldnt take
anymore of their president
of 30 years. King George was the main
offender during the American
revolution Mubarak was the president of Egypt during the revolution. Mubarak jailed, tortured, and limited speech for his people. He also rigged elections while he ruled in Egypt King George raised taxes on common
goods like paper, glass, and tea. He also forced Americans to house soldiers, and he required a British stamp to be put on all official papers in the U.S.
VICTORY eGYPT aMERICA The end of Egypts revolution has not come yet but when it does, I predict victory. The power of the people will come in use and the Egyptians will be awarded with their long wanted democracy America's revolution ended in triumph. Finally escaping Englands control, we went on to build a strong country with a successful democracy. THE END History Project What Next?
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