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Home gaurds by toni.b and ismael.a

No description


on 15 January 2016

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Transcript of Home gaurds by toni.b and ismael.a

home gaurds
protecting factorys
the home guards had to protect the factorys because the factorys mack all the wepons and the cloths and food and drinks so thats why they were mostly protectng all the factorys
Training and equiment
The men were given milatery styled training and,at first,they had no uniform or littke equitment.The public was invited to give there shotguns and pistles to the home gaurds and within a few mounths over 20,000 were handed in

The expected invasion by Germany never came.Instead the mane roll of the home Gaurds was capturing german airman whose plains had been shot down by Britain
Dads army is a british sitcom about the home guard in the second world war , written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft and broad cast on BBC telivision between 1968 and 1977
At the end of January 1940 the name was changed from local defence volnteers to home gaurds.
The home guard was formed on friday 10th of may 1940,the germans had started ther atack on belgium and the netherlands and they got there by using parachutes.
Home gaurds WWII by toni.b and Ismael.a
in world war 2
Radio appeal
On the tuesday 19th of may 1940,the gouverment made a urgent apeel on the radio to all men ged 17 to 65.They wanted all men not already serving the armed forces to become part-time soldiers.
invations that never came
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