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HEAD - Tennis Equipment

No description

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of HEAD - Tennis Equipment

HEAD- Tennis Equipment
Behind the Brand:
Marketing Strategies:
Psychology Behind the Brand
1947- Howard Head develops the first laminated metal ski
1950- HEAD Ski COMPANY, INC is founded
1987- HEAD diversifies into athletic footwear with the introduction of premium brand Radical Tennis Shoes
1997-2000- HEAD acquires multiple tennis brands (Penn, Dacour) and introduces first intelligent and titanium rackets
2005- Flexpoint technology introduced
2006- Brand expanded to include a badminton range, tennis balls, clothing and footwear
2009- Innovation in skiing with Torque-turning technology
2012- HEAD celebrates 25 years with the Prestige range
Howard Head, credited with the invention of Laminate Skis and the oversized tennis racket (alongside the popular brand Prince)
Marketing Strategy:
Above the line
Print, Digital Media,
Below the line
Targeted Groups- youth, teens, adults
Sponsors Amateur clubs- Tennis NSW
Elite athletes, events, competitions etc
Celebrity endorsement
A- We see the professionals and want to be them
B- We buy the tennis gear
C- We have the belief that we can now be as good as them
Marketing Techniques:
HEAD- "The Power of You"
Professional Endorsement is the main focus of the brands marketing and promotion
Updates of players on websites
Partnership with 'Cool Earth', protects rainforests, sponsors conservation efforts, green production of products
Elaboration Likelihood Model:
Novak D on the Plane
Between Mod. and High Elaboration
Promotes the idea of individual power 'The Power of You'
Higher cognative response than emotional, the add sticks in your mind, linked to availability heuristic
Emotional response to 'fearlessness' and 'empowerment'
Classical Conditioning:
HEAD uses classical conditioning in their ad featuring Novak, because through the image of playing tennis on a plane they are associating their brand with fearlessness and achieving/doing the impossible.

This is reinforced with their slogan 'The Power Of You' as they want you to believe you can achieve anything if you use their product.
Celebrity/ Professional
Class Activity:
Golden Head Promotion
Annual Promotion
Constant opportunities for advertising
Base Rate Neglect Heuristic
- e.g. Use of prof. achievements, no focus on characteristics of the racket
Availability Heuristic
- e.g. The brand is seen at events and in public, keeping it in our minds
Take the Best Heuristic
- e.g. Speed vs. Instinct campaign
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