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OEC Presentation to CoC Schools

Presentation of OEC structure and goals

Cedric Stallworth

on 23 June 2010

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Transcript of OEC Presentation to CoC Schools

Outreach Strengths Dedicated, energetic, flexible, young staff
Experienced leadership
Flexible work environment that adapts to students
3rd floor space and 1st floor labs
Supportive Associate Dean and Dean
Ability to raise corporate funding
Supportive student leadership and workers
Supportive College staff
Resources and reputation of Georgia Tech
Weeknesses Institutional funding for staff positions
College wide understanding of who we are and what we do
Standard operating procedures
Lack of an hollistic assesment plan
Need to grow in domain knowledge

Opportunities Funding from Federal Grants (NSF)
Increasing and Expanding Corprate partnerships
To systematicly and intentionally increase the number of students in all phases of the pipeline
To be a world leader in outreach, enrollment and community efforts that create and sustain student pipelines for the computing
Parental desire to provide teens with computer related experinces
NonProfit organizations' desire to partner with higher ed institutions

Threats Change in leadership
Computing careers becoming out of line with our degrees; and vise-versa
Being too close to or too far away from our students
Non recognition of the importance of Computing in K-12

Pipeline Elem Mid High CS / CM Transfer Major
Change Industry Grad
School Entrepreneur Leave Transfer Major
Change Context Data Number of HS Students in intro CS classes?
Number of HS Students taking and passing AP?
State, region and federal numbers?
Demogrraphics of numbers?
Hot spots for CS students in all demographics

Data Number of Tranfers in/out and why?
Number of Major Changes in/out and why?
Number who leave and why?
How many in each Thread, demographics and why?

Data Who has, is and will be hiring our students and why?
What Threads match what career?
Occupation and salary trends
Technical skills desired
Soft skills desired
SWOT Enrollment Community Contributors Enhancement Operations Programs & Events
High School Teacher Workshops
AP CS Materials 2009-2010
Operation Reboot: Transforming Unemployed IT Workers into High School Computing Teachers
Cool Computing
Alice Competition
Scratch Competition
Lending Libraries for LEGO robots and PicoCrickets for 2009-2010
High School Student Program
High School Student Workshops
Resources for Teachers
Teacher Pages
Girl Scout Workshops
Boys and Girls Club
Cool Girls
Intro a Girl to Engineering Day
Refugee Girls (RRISA) workshops
YWCA Teen Girls in Technology
AP Bowl
Summer Camps
Practice AP Exams
Student Projects Campus Recruitment Events
Connect with Tech
Girls Night Out
Minority Recruitment Event
Es Tu Dia (Hispanic Recruitment Event)
Futures (Women Recruitment Event)

Recruiting Visits for over 600 Middle and High School Students
Young women’s program out of Orlando – Jennifer made a subsequent presentation at one of their activities
Minority focused overnight visit
Accepted student focused overnight visits
Multiple HS and MS visits
Weekly Information Sessions
Special scheduled information sessions

Support for GLITCH (Game Testing Lab)
Summer camps and After School Programs to attract and recruit students

Freshman Mentoring Program
Freshman Leap Course (CS1100)
Our Mission To create and sustain a student focused and data driven pipeline of future, present and former students who are academically, socially, personally and professionally situated to have an optimal choice set when leaving our College and to make significant contributions to the world via computing. Our Vision To be a leader in efforts of conceptualizing, implementing and assessing programs for the recruitment and retention of students and alumni in computing. Barbara Ericson Felicia Auzla Institute for Computing Education (ICE) http://coweb.cc.gatech.edu/ice-gt Funding
Georiga Computes: NSF BPC 2-year Grant
Operation Reboot: NSF BPC 3-year Stimulus Grant (Elementary to High School) (High School to First Year) Jennifer Whitlow (First Year to Alumni) Meredith Goodman Student Organizations
ACM Programming Team
Entertainment Software Producers (ESP)
Freshman Activities Board (FAB)
Linux User Group (LUG)
Student Activities Board (SAB)
Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE)
Undergraduate Council
Young Entrepreneurs Society (YES)

Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing

CCB Third Floor
CCB First Floor

Strategic Plan
Beth Collums (First Year to Career) (Procedures and Processes) (Funding and Career Support) Meredith Goodman Corporate Affiliates Program (CAP)
Conoco Phillips
Lockheed Marting
Northrop Grumman 25%
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