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Elements of Design P.3 Yenthy Tran

No description

Yenthy tran

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Elements of Design P.3 Yenthy Tran

Elements of Design sound effects Line- a line is a mark or stroke that is longer in length than width. Every line has a length, and width and a direction if the line is straight.

Shape- The form of something Doctor Worth is surprised at the situation the font is bold and larger now using question marks and explanation marks. The Character "Conrad" is freaking out in the panel below. As you can see the font is getting LARGER all the way to the end of the sentence as Conrad speaks. Yelling Down here the characters are more calm so the speech bubbles are normal. Up here the speech bubbles are different one has someone yelling out a question and one person stating something and one of the words is BOLDED making it a Key Word. The comic strip below will explain different types of ways shapes, lines, and font are used to express something And there you have it Direction- All lines have a direction Horizontal, vertical or oblique.
Size-how big something is.
Texture- texture is what defines the quality of the surface determining whether it will be rough, smooth, soft hard glossy, and etc. Colour- a distinctive features

Value- the value determines the lightness and darkness of a colour. Value is also called tone. With textures there are many different types of design. These are just a few examples of textures. Direction is like a compass it points in all types of directs. S M L small medium and large these are the different types of sizes Look at how the artist played with the colours gives it quite the unique look right. And this is the final result of the artist's artwork look at how different they both are both unique in their own way. Like shading VALUE determines the darkness and lightness of the picture whether its gray scale or color so when you look at the examples for value think of how this sphere is shaded In these example I used a picture from the video game dishonored because of the use of darkness and lightness look and see if you can guess why i asked you to compare the picture of the sphere to these examples. Well that's all thanks for reading my prezi hoped you enjoyed it!
By: Yenthy Tran No seriously I drew this. Its not done so i cropped it
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