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Long Exposure Photography - Light Painting

A brief introduction into the world of painting with nothing but a light source and a camera.

Matthew Crisp

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Long Exposure Photography - Light Painting

Painting With Light Light Painting A few examples... What is it? What you'll need:
A camera (must be capable of long exposures)
A tripod
A light source And this is how you do it... ... Duh. Things to experiment with:
Coloured filters
... anything that emits light Test some exposures Upload your photos to the PhotoSoc flickr page! Get Paintin'! Enjoy your photos! Camera goes on tripod 1 2 Find a combination of settings that gives you enough exposure to paint your picture without it being too light/dark 2.5 You want... - A long shutter speed (30 seconds or so)
- Low ISO
- Midrange aperture (f5.6 - f16) You also want... A dark photo WITHOUT torches, so that your lovely painting has no distracting background.

Unless you want the background in the picture... then you want a light photo without torches. 3 Draw y'self a pretty little picture But be careful!!! How to get good results: How to get bad results: Use a uniform motion whist drawing
Cover your torch or turn it off for bits you don't want to show up
Be precise!!
Remember you're in reverse!
Take your time
Use a variety of colours
Avoid circles; they're impossible!!
Go 3D!!! You're not just confined to a plane
Get creative - come up with new ideas Point your torch right at the camera
Keep your torch still for long periods of time
Write your name and/or the word PhotoSoc. It's been done a million times!
Go back over what you've written or drawn, so it looks like a 5 year old's scribble 3.1 4 Maybe give them a little polish in photoshop... Push the 'Blacks' slider up to kill off any background that's crept in
Use the 'Clarity' slider to define the edges of your lines I made you a flow chart! Bitches love flow charts 7 Thank you very much. If you have any questions, fire away!

Otherwise, get outside and start light painting! FOCUS!!!! e Stand where you're gonna be painting

Shine your torch at the camera

Focus on the torch

Switch to manual focus, to keep your focus there
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