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gs students

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of India

India's History
India separated from British rule in 1947 and became a separate country. They speak over 690 Languages in but the main is Hindi. India also has a monsoon season where heavy storms come in. The capital city of the state of Mumbai is New Delhi.
India Facts
India has over 1.3 billion people in all. India's most famous building is the Taj Mahal. When British rule ended in 1947 India split into The Republic of India and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and an are between the two became The People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
India's Geography and Climate
India's Climate varies greatly. Some places are cold and dry and some are hot and wet. As with the climate the land varies too, there are great mountains such as the Himalayas and some great plains. There is a large tectonic plate in India which can cause great earthquakes.
Religion and Economy
Most Indians are Hindu which means they are vegetarian and believe in many gods and another life. India is democratic with a Prime Minister. India's main employer is the Indian Railroad.
All around India is a great country with many different foods, religions, and languages. India has not been to war for over 10,000 years and won't for a very long time. India is the world's most peaceful country.
India's Resources
India has many Resources that could bring good fortune yet many still live in poverty. India is very rich in iron which they use in the making of coins. They mine uranium which they use peacefully. They have jade which is used in religious ceremonies. They also have large diamond mines.

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