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Water Quality

No description

Teika Clavell

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of Water Quality

Water Quality Secchi Disk- tests the turbidity, or the cloudiness of the water. Nitrates - a naturally occurring compound in nature and essential for life, but like anything, too much is harmful. Nitrates are needed for plants in water, such as algae, for food. This compound is often used in fertilizers for this reason and is found in run off which flows to water sources causing the excess. Water high in nitrates causes an increase in plant life. Dissolved oxygen- the amount of oxygen dissolved in water. Oxygen in water mostly comes from the plant life. Bioindicators- a bioindicator is an organism that is used to determine and monitor the health of an environment. Biotic Factor- a living part of an ecosystem Abiotic Factor - a nonliving part of an ecosystem (such as soil, temperature, sunlight, air, and water) pH- a measure of how acidic or how basic a liquid is Salinity- the saltiness of a body of water Phosphates- an inorganic chemical, phosphorous, in an ecosystem
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