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The Red Dress - Alice Munro

No description

Daniela Ramirez

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of The Red Dress - Alice Munro

Red Dress - 1946
Point of view
Readers might see the character as a portrayal to themselves.
Creates more empathy.
How does the story written from the first person affect the way the audience understands the story?
Mother: A seamstress who is protective and cares for her daughter, yet wishes she was more like the protagonist's friend.
Lonnie: Protagonist's best friend who fits into the social standards.
NARRATOR/PROTAGONIST: an insecure teenager who is learning to break out of her shell. Initially acts as her own antagonist.
Initial incident: High school Christmas dance
Climax: Raymond Bolting
Insecure & anxious
How does setting influence a short story?
Mary Fortune: Popular older student who is confident and independent, and pulls the protagonist to be so as well.
Mason Williams: A popular boy considered a "hero" in the school.
Raymond: transforms the protagonist's feelings of anxiety and rejection to those of happiness and self-acceptance.
Which character had the most impact on the protagonist's actions and decision making?
It connects the reader to the
Descriptions of clothing, people and names can be factors in guessing the setting of a short story.

Because a short story is shorter than other pieces of writing there is a limited space to convey the message along with setting, plot, theme, etc.
How did the protagonist’s inner conflict affect her actions?
Person vs. Self: internal
Protagonist struggles to find confidence
and acceptance within herself
Red symbolizes:
Courage, strong emotions, power, strength, sexual impulses, joy, passion, and fierceness.
Red Dress symbolizes:
Desirable, sexually appealing, confident, womanhood
Red dress = today's black dress
"My mother, never satisfied, was sewing a white lace collar on the dress; she had decided it was too grown-up looking… I saw how my breasts in their new stiff brasserie, jutted out surprisingly with mature authority, under the childish frills of the collar."
To reveal the great social pressures faced by female adolescents and their issues of self-esteem linked to physical appearance and popularity in school.
"I went around the house to the backdoor thinking I have been to a dance and a boy has walked me home and kissed me. It was all true. My life was possible."
Lacks confidence in her own value
"At high school I was never comfortable for a minute."
The narrator's mother preparing the dress
Initial Incident:
The School Christmas Dance
Rising action:
Narrator is anxious about the dance because of her insecurity
Raymond asks the narrator to dance with her
Falling actions:
Raymond walks the narrator home and kisses her
The narrator overcomes her insecurity and her personal issues of her mother
strong emotions of self-criticism, dissatisfaction and paranoid
Carefree, liberated and hopeful
Happy, grown up and relief
By: Camila Garcia, Maria Alejandra Gutierrez, Daniela Ramirez .
by Alice Munro
Acknowledgments: Jerry Hailom
How did Alice Munro use the different elements of a novel to convey her main message?
The fundamental ideas explored in a literary work.

Objects, characters, figures, and colors used to represent abstract ideas or concepts.
Recurring structures, contrasts, and literary devices that can help to develop and inform the text’s major themes.
Describes the protagonist's mood throughout the story
Physical Setting
Social Setting
Rural country home near a small town
School dance in the gymnasium
Winter; Christmas season
Time setting: 1940's
Specific gender roles for girls limited individuality
Strict social standards forced people to act a certain way to "fit in"
Social/economic status defined a person
Lonnie always wears blue - calm, tranquil emotions; fits in
The red dress and Ashes of Roses perfume - strong emotions, blushing, anxiety, passion
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