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Skygardens Inquiry Group

No description

Luz Thurston

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Skygardens Inquiry Group

Inquiry Group
Green Roof
A green roof, or eco roof, is a roof with vegetation on it to regulate the temperature of a building and retain run off.
Testing run off and temperature

Plants on a green roof
Plants with longer roots are considered more effective
1. Gather Materials
Temperature Probe
200 mL Beaker
Data Chart
2. Collect necessary data from roof sections
3. Repeat steps once a week
Data and Analysis
Mixed portion collected 38 mL, the least collected
Sedum portions average temperature had the greatest difference (2.63 degrees Celsius) between outside temperature
Hypothesis not completely supported
Sedum section most effective in terms of insulation, but not in terms of run off
Sources of error may explain why hypothesis not supported
Unreliable run off collection methods
Plants in the mixed section dying due to cold weather
Leak found underneath the roof section
The green roof built had three sections
Sedum plants only
Mix of sedum and ground cover
Conventional rooftop
Find reliable run off collection method
Build a sturdy test site
Chose hardy plants to test
The Test Site
What plants on a green roof are the most effective in terms of insulation and retaining run off when compared to a conventional roof top?
It is hypothesized that the all sedum portion of the roof will retain run off and insulate more effectively when compared to the other two sections because the sedum plants have longer roots.
Continuing the
By: Noelle Crocetti, Sarah Diaz, and Tegan Thurston
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