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Five Myths About Girls and Sex

Medial Journal

oluyemisi Akinbade

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Five Myths About Girls and Sex

When You Got It Flaunt It!

Women are flaunting because men flatter them
for their body exhibition
The Evolution of the Naked Dress
Anatomy of a sex goddess
JUst Imagine!
Five Myths About Girls and Sex
We Need to Be Free From These Sex and Girls Myths
Women Can Be decent, smart and beautiful.
Flaunt IT
Anatomy of a Sex goddess
Skinny is SEXY!
Calling It: 2014 Is the Year of the Nipple
This is a decent way to dress
Most girls always flaunt their bodies for the fully dressed men
Better here the skin covered is almost equal
Nice Body can also do wonder
Ladies maintain Skinny body to look sexy

Women diet to fit into the supposed ideal sex goddess' body images
Tiny waist,
big boobs
Pretty Babies
Sexualized Babies
High Heel
Body Exposure
Sexualized Babies called pretty !
Violent is ...
...and violent is Dirty
Boys like women's bodies
Boys love
to have
total control
over women's
Safe yourself from toxic myths women can be decent, smart & beautiful
Domestic Violent Kills! Avoid Abusive Relationship
We all need to
Girls do not have to be skinny and promiscuous to be attractive. Women
with curves, shapes & plus sizes still look better and great in bikinis .

Hips Don't
Body exposure
Fully dressed
My Hips Don't Lie! Can't you see
Girls sexualization has been for a long time
This film
Pretty Babies
was published in 1978

Woman body used as canvas
What Boys Like
If You
Got it
Flaunt it
Pretty Babies
The Media View of Today's women
Sexual Goddess
Cover Pages display
stereotype female
body images
Decent women will not exhibit their nakedness to
the public
Violent is sexy
Recent response to sex violent

Violent is sexy
Polygamy in reality TV reveals how men objectified women
Men Love Women's Bodies for Their Gratification
plus size female can also wear bikini
Say No to Sex violent & Rape
Relationship should be
mutual passion
What beauty is in murdering someone?
is violent against women
Awful representation of female in the society
Rape is evil against women! It is objectification of female that imply women's opinion does not matter.
Too many make up rob girls of their natural beauties
Bad representation of young girls
Let us free ourselves from all these myths and redeem female from the media and the society objectification and definition of girls
Girls look more beautiful without make up and much accessories
Hips and Curve
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