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Copy of Science Lab Equipment

No description

Sara Fraschetti

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Science Lab Equipment

Science Lab Equipment
photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr
Used to measure liquids
1. Graduated
Attaches to the gas line to create a hot flame to heat chemicals.
2. Bunsen Burner
Used to measure, hold, or mix chemicals
4. Beaker
Used to hold or carry a heated beaker
5. Beaker Tongs/Glove
Used to hold and measure chemicals
6. Flask
7. Magnifying
magnifies objects
measures the weight of items in a pan
7. Pan Scale
Used to Stir
(as if it wasn't obvious)
8. Stir Rod
measures the weight of a hanging object
9. Spring Scale
used in dissection
10. Probe
11. Balance
Used to measure mass
I think you know what it's used for
10. Funnel
Used for measuring length
11. Ruler
12. Triple Beam Balance
Used to measure weight
13. thermometer
used to measure temperature
16. Ring Stand
Used to hold beakers while being heated
17. Thermal Gloves
Used to handle hot objects
14. Goggles
Protect your eyeballs from dangerous chemicals.

15. Test Tube Tongs
Used to hold test tubes
20. Apron
worn to protect your clothing
21. Gloves
used for protection
16. Slides
used to view things with a microscope
23. Forceps
used for dissection
24. hot plate
used to heat liquids
17. microscope
I don't think i need to explain this one
18. Hot plate
Extremely HOT surface that heats beakers and flasks.
19. eye dropper/pipette
used to measure liquids in drops
28. dissection tray
holds dissection specimens
3. Test Tubes &Test Tube Holder
Used to hold, mix or heat chemicals; to hold test tubes
safely & securely.
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