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Europe By: Heidi and Autumn 4th Peroid

No description

Miriam Tyson

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Europe By: Heidi and Autumn 4th Peroid

Europe By: Heidi and Autumn 4th Peroid
Acid Rain in Germany
Acid rain in Germany is carried by wind to Germany. Acid rain is destroying statues and buildings in Germany. It is also pollutes their drinking water and it kills the fish there.
Air Pollution in the United Kingdom
In the year of 1952 the Great Smog happened in London. The air was so bad there that the people couldn't see anything in front of them which led to many crimes. Many people died from the Great Smog.
Chernobyl was a town in the country of Ukraine. There was a nuclear power plant in Chernobyl. One day the power plant blew up and radioactive substances were blown everywhere. Even countries outside of the Ukraine were effected. Everyone was evacuated in the Ukraine. 30 miles out from Chernobyl there are guards that stand there so that nobody can come in. 5 adjectives that describe Chernobyl are: Devastating, Sad, Scary, Horrible, Toxic.
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