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Adelaide project

No description

Kayla Sanders

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Adelaide project

Spring has subtropical temperatures and the hottest was 44.5 degrees. The coldest was 5.6 degrees and the wettest was 317.6 mm. these were this year's temperatures.

Adelaide is the Capital of South Australia. It takes 5 hours and 36 minutes to get from Hamilton to Adelaide.
In summer Adelaide has beautiful weather and the hottest it has been was 42.1 degrees, the coldest was 13.9 degrees and the wettest was 26.0 mm all these temperatures were this year so it has had a pretty hot year in summer in Adelaide.
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In Autumn the hottest it has been in Adelaide is 35.9 degrees. The coldest was 8.2 degrees and the wettest was 328.8mm all these temperatures were last year's temperatures.
Adelaide in winter is very hard to get hot but the hottest day was 25.8 degrees. The coldest was 3.2 degrees and the wettest is 403.6 mm these temperatures are from last year.
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