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Book Report On:

No description

Oriana Hansell-Pune

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of Book Report On:

Book Report On:

Harry Potter AND The Deathly Hallows

By J.K.Rowling
The start... Attack of broken Mirror.
Harry Potter is currently grieving over Dumbledore, who was killed by "Trustworthy "Severus Snape. He is also trying to clean out his trunk, which results in him hurting himself on a piece of broken glass. Harry is still only 16, so he cant heal himself yet.
He also steps on a cup of cold tea.
Harry sees that the glass he cut his finger on was actually the mirror his late Godfather Sirius gave him. He sees Dumbledore's eyes and freaks for a few minutes.
Fight and Flight
The Dursley's leave Harry all alone. They go to a place to hide from Voldemort, the bad guy. Harry's friends arrive later on to take him away. Hermionie steals Harry's hair to put in a polijuce potion. There are now 7 Harry's. this consists of Fler, Ron, Hermionie, Fred, George, Mundungas and (Obviously) Harry (Real).
They fly away. Then get attacked. Voldemort can fly. Harry's owl dies. The death eaters dont know who Harry is. Then Harry disarms someone. Then Voldimort tried to kill him, but fails. Harry Potter crashes.
At The Burrow -Weddings.
Harry and Hagrid crash land in Ted and Andromeda Tonk's garden. Harry threaten Andromeda because she looks kind of similar to Bellatrix. They take a port-Key back to The Weasly's House. Mad Eye dyes. George lost an ear. Mundungas ditched. They all drink Firewisky and Harry tries to run away.
Harry has a birthday. Happy 17! But the prime minister cuts in and gives him a snitch. Ron gets a cigarette lighter (that takes ight away from bulbs and then puts it back) and Hermionie gets a book. From Dumbledore's will. Harry is supposed to get a sword but Minister says "Nooooooo".
There is a wedding. Bill and Fleur are married! But all hell breaks loose and the golden trio run away, not helping at all.
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