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The Kingdom Improv

Here's a simple proposal: living the Christian life is very much like an improv, and the story is literally in your hands.

Stephen Elliott

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of The Kingdom Improv

Living in Jesus’ Kingdom is like an
Unplanned events are taking place all around us requiring quick responses that add to the Holy Spirit’s unfolding Kingdom story.
Kingdom Improv

A form of theatre in which actors study and train to peform spontaneously in response to unrehearsed situations.
"The Kingdom Is like an improv." --Jesus
A mustard seed... Leaven and a loaf of bread... A treasure hidden in a field... A dragnet catching fish of every kind... A head of household... A landowner... A man casting seed... A merchant seeking fine pearls... A king and a wedding feast... Young women with lamps....
Jesus used improvisational stories (parables) relating the Kingdom of God to real-life situations to send a message to the disciples... the Kingdom of God is Real and Relevant!
Matthew 4:17
Jesus began to preach and say, "
, for the
of heaven

at hand
change one's thinking
territory subject to
the rule of a king.
Thus, the Good News is a call to change one's perception.
But Why?
"A state of affairs that is already beginning."
"Within the grasp of your life."
"Pressing into history."
Your hands connect you with your world — relationally (hand shake), vocationally (handiwork), intelligently (handwriting)
We affirm (clap hands), protect (hand-to-hand), love (hold hands), help (give a hand) and think through your hands
The motor cortex area “devoted to the hands approximately equals the total area devoted to arms, trunk, and legs” (Taylor and Schwarz)
Hands are 10-15 times more sensitive than our arms or trunk — we touch life through our hands.
“We ‘think’ and ‘feel’ with our hands, and, in turn, our hands contribute to the mental processes of thought and feeling.” (Taylor and Schwarz)
"Any theory
of human intelligence...

which ignores the interdependence of hand and brain function... is grossly misleading and sterile.” (Wilson)
“Change everything about the way you are thinking because where you are standing has already been staked out by Jesus — the rule and reign of the God of the Universe is at hand, literally pressing into your personal history, right here, right now!”
the Kingdom is literally at your fingertips
Four core values
"That we would be a vortex drawing the kingdom here to earth. That we would be a conduit of His kingdom. That is why we are here!"
and in your hands
because the
"We need to draw on the kingdom. It's not automatic." --1/6/2013
"We are here for heaven to be here."
"We worship to bring an atmosphere on earth as it is on heaven."
Purpose of Big House:
"Create a context and a place for people to encounter the presence of God." --1/29/2012
"Demonstration plus explanation leads to mass salvation."
"Our worship creates a pull on heaven like the earth pulls on the moon."
"My purpose is to build the kingdom on earth." --9/16/2013
"This is a great moment. Live it. Breathe it. Love it. Move together, instinctively, with a childlike purity. Free. Dare to call forth and build the kingdom as you have imagined....
"Reach high and bring heaven here... Knocking on the door of heaven... The kingdom is within you...
Release the kingdom now."
"That the life sound of worship would resonate from within us and cause His kingdom to penetrate souls and cities and nations." --11/4/2012
You are ready. You have been prepared. The vision is in you. Call it forth. Speak it forth. Live it. Do it. Go beyond seeking the vision. Be the vision." -- 11/2/2012
1. Worship:
Won't you come. Come like you've promised. Pour out your Spirit
Open up your heavens over your people.
2. Word:
The church is the open heaven in the earth. Swing open your gates. I will open up the heavens in your heart when you start to worship. You are the answer to the prayer that you've been praying. Time to perceive that my kingdom isn't somewhere else.
3. Response:
We are the portal. The kingdom is right here in this room. Teach us how to release an open heaven.
4. Exhortation:
We are the open Heaven because it was His good pleasure to put His kingdom in our hearts. And we are on a journey to unlock His kingdom on earth. So dare to perceive that His kingdom is in you.
"God wants to invade this city through us." --12/30/2012
"I put you here on this earth as a huge heaven magnet pulling one realm into this realm."
--Word, 1/20/13
"God can use me and my hands to touch somebody." --1/20/13
'We are here to create a space for Him. As we take our place the place of God's habitation gets bigger."
"A Breaker Anointing in Big House to bring the atmosphere of heaven to those around us." --3/31/13
Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done!
on earth as it is in heaven
3 tiny goals:
Change the way you think
about Big House
Change the way you think
about the Kingdom.
Change the way you think
about your hands.
about Christ and His kingdom...
and about your place in His kingdom.
"The joy of the Lord is your strength."
The Lord's joy
is your strength."
R.T. France, "The Gospel According To Matthew"
Steve's Paraphrase
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