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the decomposers of the deciduous forest asia

No description

deyza kellum

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of the decomposers of the deciduous forest asia

The decomposers in the deciduous forest asia.
Stinkhorn fungi
The foul-smelling slime attracts insects to eat them.
Little do the insects know its covering their little insect feet with stinkhorn spores.
egg shaped blob on the soil,- the production.
Live on the forest floor, near other plants.
Bactillus subtilis
The subtilis is rod-shaped.
protective exterior, called an endospore.
It increases its resistance for warm and cool.
It lives in dirt and other parts of the forest.
My sources
They grow in fields, lawns or rotting land.
Inside the puffballs are small brown dry spores which come out when the fungi is squeezed.
Most puffballs are safe to eat.
Puffball fungi
shelf fungi




Shelf fungi don't have a stalk.
Have a smooth underside with miniature pores.
Shelf fungi are important in breaking down wood.
The spores have to drop down the pore into the air without sticking to the sides.
Lives on trees.
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