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school days

we think there should be shorter school days.

justin smith

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of school days

personal opinion educating others on this topic! Shorter School Days. Should school days be shorter or stay the same? Average school hours backround information! SOURCES Statistics and Data * chicago - 5 hours 50 minutes. * Los Angelos - 6 hours 17 minutes. * New York - 6 hours 45 minutes. * Houston - 7 hours a day. * philedalphia - 7 hours 10 minutes. * Miami - 7 hours 10 minutes. * Las Vegas - 7 hours 20 minutes. *make graph. Reminders “School lasts too long for middle and high schoolers. I say we abandon at least 2 hours and shorten it up. We have rights to our own lives. I believe that we, as adolescents, should be able to spend more time doing what we decide to do by ourselves instead of being consumed in nothing but school type activities.” Pros Cons * Children will do better with less school.
* More study time.
*More homework time
*Could resolve anger outburst.
* Go to bed earlier
*Less stress
* more time with family at home. *less time to do things in class
*their wont be as many classes in school
*less time for extra curricular activities *students wont have as much time to understand the material
*if both parents work they have to find a babysitter to watch their kids after school
*less time to eat lunch in school by: justin smith
torrian johnson methods/real life example! charter schools usually have longer school days than most public schools. AFTER ALL THE DATA DO OUTHINK SCHOOL DAYS SHOULD BE SHORTER OR STAY THE SAME? SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION. I think schools should have shorter school days

so i can have more time for homework and after

school activities. you can make speeches or write a letter to the

schools board members and to the state

government about your opinion. http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/shorter-school-days.html
'School Days Should Be Shorter, Not Longer." Debate Issue:. N.p., Nov.-Dec. 2011. Web. 10 Jan. 2013.

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