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Social Responsibility

No description

Neil Vorster

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility
General Motors
Burton Snowboards
Fender Music Foundation
Social Responsibility
Burton's social responsibility is to take the full impact of their business on the people who support it- employees, factory workers, consumers, riders, dealers and communities (this list is not limited.)
Gives grants to school music programs
Provides instruments to schools and music therapy programs
100% of donations go towards giving instruments
Gives drums, keyboards, guitars, and many other instruments
Overhead expenses covered by memorabilia sales
All program expenses covered by donations
Recognized 501(c)3 national music charity
Social Responsibilities
Fender Center for
Music Education
Little Kids Rock
- Promotes the diversity within the company.
-Constant research being done to make products more fuel efficient
Located in Corona, CA
Provides free or low cost music education to children
Teaches piano, guitar, bass guitar, vocals and drums to ages 7-17 through the Kids Rock Free program
All proceeds from Fender Center of the Performing Arts goes to Kids Rock Free
Over 10,000 children have been taught
Safety of Children and workers are the top priority
-Promotes new energy saving technology. GM owns the largest rooftop solar panel installation in the world
Environmental standards
Taking Action
Global Aid
-GM financially supports the American Red Cross to purchase relief supplies for natural disasters.
Should any safety defects be identified, there is a complete product recall. Zero recalls have been made since 2009
Lego works with raw material suppliers and use the most advanced chemistry in the making of their bricks
All their materials and chemicals are designed to be completely safe for children and last for many years.
- GM locations in other countries give money to surrounding communities in times of need in response to unforeseen negative circumstances (drought, natural disasters, etc.)
- Chevrolet donated 50 Silverado full sized pickup trucks and express cargo vans to Red Cross for the aid in relief of Hurricaine Sandy.
Provides weekly music classes in schools that have had to cut their music programs
Donates instrument
Establishes lasting music programs
Focuses on modern music and alternative teaching methods
Served over 300,000 kids in over 27 cities
Burton joined BICEP in September of 2013. BICEP is an organization that moves businesses to commit to clean energy and climate control. Jake Burton Carpenter(founder) and his wife Donna Carpenter(company president) feel that they need to take a responsibility to protect the the environment and the climate so that they can in turn protect the sport and lifestyle that they love.
The Lego Foundation
-GM is located in 6 Continents and 200 different countries.

Friends of Fender
-There are over 100 languages that are spoken throughout the company.
Lego delivers on almost every continent except for Antarctica
All the products are packaged by Lego employes and Lego Retires
Donates legos to schools and programs in less fortunate countries
Encourage learning through play
Neil Vorster
Joey Leweck
Joseph Wright
Will Zecchini
Evan Paquin

What do They do?
-GM's Diversity Vision is: "A winning culture of inclusion that naturally enables GM employees, suppliers, dealers, and communities to fully contribute in the pursuit of total customer enthusiasm."
Green Mountain Project - Started in 2008. Working to help environment, especially on mountains.
Burton x Mountain Dew - Recycles bottles and boards to use in making new jackets and other clothing.
PepsiCo Educates its supply chain to acheive a higher environmental standard. There is a resource conservation program that sets goals on how to reduce greenhouse gases, gain energy more efficiently and reserve forestry as well as agriculture. PepsiCo has a membership with CDP supply chain to work collaboratively and show that they care about climate change. Changes have been proven with a 51% response rate in the number of suppliers working in the CDP program.
Product quality and supplier standards
PepsiCo uses high quality and affordable agricultural raw materials to not only meet the expectations of its customers but the efficiency needed in the business itself. It uses a complex global supply chain that includes minimal company owned farms and thousands of independent farmers. Suppliers work under a four sided process to meet the standards of the company, "Accountability, Engagement, Risk Assessment and Mitigation".PepsiCo has a Supplier Code of Conduct by "The Global Compact" to clarify their global expectations.
Supplier diversity
Such as other social responsibilities, PepsiCo is committed to support of diverse suppliers. In 2012 they spent 1.4 billion on minority and women owned suppliers to not only boost minority communities but to built economic wealth. Overall, PepsiCo strives for the growth of all the diverse suppliers in all communities they are involved in.
Rural Development
PepsiCo establishes supply arrangements to not only large farming units bt also to low-income providers with small units. In Mexico, they increased development of high-oleic acid sunflower oil (HOSO) from by 136 tons to 180 tons in one year by targeting farmers. In India, they contact 24,000 potato farmers with small holdings to assist them with production of Lay's chips material. Since beginning work in the Algeria Valle del Cauca area in 2008, PepsiCo has increased the amount of sustainably sourced plantains by almost 550 percent for their other chip brands. It is a clear fact that they assist poor communities while also increasing their brand's name.
Fender is also partnered with the following organizations:
Solid Rock - a Christian center for teens in Arizona
GuitarMania - community public art project constructed of oversized Fender guitars that has raised over $3 million for charities
The Grammy Museum - Fender sponsors free monthly concerts and informational events
Lego is currently working with other companies to find a more bio friendly material to make their bricks out of instead of their current plastic.
Currently working on using all forms of reusable energies and will be running 100% of their local facilities (not oversea factories)
Manufacturing facilities are close to markets allowing for less pollution via transport

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