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Jonathan Perthel

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Allegiant

By: Veronica Roth
Prezi by Jonathan Perthel
-The setting of the book allegiant is in futuristic Chicago.
-It takes place at the heart of Chicago near the Willis and Hancock buildings.
-Then the characters head to the O'hare airport.
Main Characters
-Tris: She is a selfless person who is crazy and is dating Tobias.
-Tobias: He is a true dauntless man but always makes sure Tris makes the right decision.
-Caleb: He is Tris's brother and turned on her but is trying to make it up.

Minor Characters
-Christina: Friend of Tris and she is truthful.
-Uriah: Friend of Tris and smart.
-Matthew: Scientist at Bureau, very friendly.
-Marcus:An evil leader; father of Tobias.
-Evelyn: Leader of city; mother of Tobias.
-David:Leader of the Bureau.

Important Events
-The first important event is when Tris and Tobias leave the city. This is important because Tobias was leaving his parents. Also they found out that there was a whole new world outside their city. This is important because they learned that there was a whole new world outside their city
- Another important event is when Tris and Tobias find out that the city they lived in was an experiment. When they found this out they realized their lives were worthless. This is important because their lives begin there.
Important Events
- Another important event was when Tobias joins a group of rebels and they attack the Bureau. Even though Tris told him not to he still did it. This caused Uriah to go into a coma. When this occurs Tris saves David who is the leader of the bureau.
-Following these events Tris is invited into the board of directors for the Bureau. She learns about a plan to reset her town and makes a plan to rebel against them.
Important Events
- The last major event is when Tris makes a plan to send the memory serum throughout the bureau and make a antidote to protect her and her friends when it is released. They attempted to accomplish the rebellion and erase everyone's memory except those with the antidote. However, To do this there is a great price.
- The Major Problem in the book is that the town that the main characters lived is in full war and it is getting worse and worse by the day.
-A conflict that they dealt with was that they wanted to leave the city but were unable to legally.
-Then they tried to fix it and the Bureau got in their way.
-The solution to these problems is that the characters erase the memories of all the people in the Bureau. They did this so that the Bureau would forget everything they knew about the experiment.

-The theme of this book is to be selfless and worry about someone's life before yours. You also have to be able to forgive others for rude things they have done to you. This is important because it is what the characters try to put into their lives.
My opinion
This book was a very good book overall. I really liked the plot and I thought it was well written. The only part I didn't like was the end of the book I would give it eight out of ten stars. I would recommend this book because it has action, romance and it is an easy book to read.
The end
The End
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