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savleen kohli

on 17 May 2016

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Transcript of Drake

The Beginning
Aubrey Drake Graham, known as "Drake" is a Canadian Rapper, Singer and Songwriter. Drake was born October 24th 1986 in Toronto,Ontario. His parents are Sandi Graham and Dennis Graham.
And that's his journey !
Thank you!
Early Years
Drake started his acting career in high school which caused his schedule to become very hectic. Unfortunately he ended up not graduating. In 2001, he starred in Degrassi as "Jimmy Brooks". His role ended in 2009 and shortly after he released his mixtape "Room for Improvement". Then his rapping career started slowly uprising.
Drake has released 7 albums since 2010. His first album was "Thank Me Later" which sold 447,000 copies the first week it got released. Then in 2011 his album "Take Care" was released and guess how many copies were sold ? 2,042,000 COPIES ! Can you believe it ! He also released his new album called "The Views" which he released on the 24th of April 2016.
When Drake was just 23 he set a goal for hiself. His goal was to make 25 million dollars by the age of 25. He said he would earn that money by rapping about Money, Cars, his feeling and his emotions.
Albums List
2010 (first album) : Thank Me Later
2011(second album) : Take Care
2013 (third album) : Nothing Was The Same
2014 (fourth album) : The Gift Without Curse
2015 (fifth album) : If You're Reading This It's Too Late
2015 (sixth album) : Drake vs Meek Mill
2015 (seventh album) : What A Time To Be Alive
2016 (eighth album) : Views
Why i like Drake
I like Drake because he is a great rapper/singer. He is very nice when he meets his fans and also he is very funny !
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