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Ender's Game

No description

Nicole De Grazia

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Ender's Game

Ender's game Key Characters and Relationships Ender. Valentine Ender and Valentine:
Ender and Valentine both LOVE each other very much.
This relationship gives Ender second thoughts of leaving Battle school and even makes him emotional while he's away. Valentine has a lot of CONTROL over Ender at various points throughout the novel. Ender is the protagonist in the novel. He is
a young boy who is taken to battle school
because of his great intelligence and characteristics.
His DESTINY is decided by the I.F and is CONTROLLED to eventually kill the buggers. This
turns Ender into an angry depressed person from how much he has been manipulated. The sister of Ender and Peter. She
LOVES Ender and will never forgot him,
even when he was away at battle school. Peter The brother of Ender and Valentine. His Dominant and ruthless characteristics allow him to take over the world at the end of the book. Ender and Peter:
Ender has a great fear of Peter and was one of the reasons Ender convinced himself to go to battle school. A lot of Peters violence comes from JEALOUSY towards Ender, because Ender was the one good enough for battle school. Peter is also the reason Ender does not want to be a killer. Peter and Valentine:
Valentine resents Peter and protects Ender from him. They work together to make Demosthenes and Locke, an influence on the worlds political situation. Colonal Graff Colonal Graff sees the most potential in Ender. Although he manipulates Ender with complete CONTROL, he is doing it for the best reasons. He CONTROLS Ender's DESTINY. Mazer Rackham Manipulates Ender and forces Ender to kill the buggers without Ender knowing. Mazer was never Ender's friend but still respects Ender. Alai and Bean A couple of Ender's friends that he has much respect for and helped him get through battle school. These relationships helped Ender get through battle school and took some of the loneliness away. Stilson and Bonzo Two characters Ender killed unintentionally from self defense. Self defense was Ender's way of SURVIVAL.
This gave Ender many regrets because he did not want to be a killer. Themes CONTROL FREEWILL VS. DESTINY SURVIVAL LOVE JEALOUSY Control takes a big part in Ender's game. Ender has control over others while others have control over him.
-The I.F controls many people including how many kids you are aloud to have, and how they can take you away to battle school. By taking Ender, they control his whole life manipulating and isolating him throughout the whole process.
-Peter has control over Ender because Ender is scared of Peter. This convinces Ender to go to battle school. Peter also has control over earth at the end of the book by creating Locke and putting his dominating characteristics to work.
-Although Valentine is afraid of control she is able to persuade Ender in various ways. exp. she persuades Ender to go back to space to save the human race.
-Ender rebels and takes control. His skills allow him to control the dragon army and control the army to kill the buggers.
-Ender shows Bonzo and Stilson not to mess with him. Although he didn't mean to kill them, he showed he has control. Survival takes a big part in Ender's life as he adjusts to his new life in battle school.
-Battle school itself is a struggle. With the adults isolating Ender he has to find ways to cope with the struggles.
-In the video game he is able to overcome the impossible and beat the game.
-Ender fights Stilson at school and Bonzo at battle school. He has to stick up for himself and prove he is not one to mess with.
-Ender fights against the Buggers to save humans from dying, risking his own life. Love takes place in different places in different ways throughout the novel:
-Valentine and Ender love each other and never give up on each other.
-Although Graff and Mazer Rackham manipulate Ender they still love and respect him.
-Ender loves and respects his friends at battle school including Shen, Alai, Bean, Petra and others.
-Peter resents Ender because he is jealous of him. Ender was born because Peter wasn't good enough to go to battle school.
-Bonzo tries to kill Ender because Ender is better than him. Ender's destiny is controlled by the adults of the I.F.
-Ender's destiny was predetermined before he was born.
-Ender doesn't have choices. He has to do what the adults say
APPEARENCE VS. REALITY The I.F created an environment that was not really what it seemed.
-The buggers are not actually what everyone thinks they are. They are not violent when they are not threatened
-Ender's appearance of being small and young fools everyone from his intelligence and skills
-Peter and Valentine working as Locke and Demosthenes seem older than they really are
-The truth behind battle school. No one really knows what it truly is until you are there.
-The whole world thinks the buggers are coming after them in the third invasion but really the I.F is going after the buggers. Plot Ender is introduced as well as his love for Valentine and his resentment for Peter. He beats up Stilson showing his violent side while his love for Valentine shows his compassionate side. Ender gets taken away to battle school by Colonal Graff. Ender survives at battle school while being isolated along the way. He overcomes many challenges put forward by the adults. Along the way he makes many friends and many enemies but proves he is a fighter I believe the climax of the story is Ender's final fight against the buggers and his realization that he killed the species all together. This event is what that adults have been working Ender towards his whole life. It is the final battle where they have defeated the enemy. The realization that Ender actually killed the species shows how much control they had over Ender because he did not want to kill or harm the buggers. Finally, It took billions of deaths but Ender has finally won his freedom with Valentine, finding a home to bring the Buggers species back to life. Setting Ender's game takes place in North Carolina, Battle School, Fairyland/the End of the World, Command School, and the Colony all in the future. The story taking place in the future allows for interesting technology including "desks" and equipment to work with in the battle room but still keeps classic items like cars and buses. The end!
By: Nicole DeGrazia
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