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Re-branding of Malaysian Airlines

No description

Riddhima Gohil

on 31 July 2014

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Transcript of Re-branding of Malaysian Airlines

Table of Contents
SWOT Analysis
: Caters to travelers from over 100 destinations
Known for in-flight customer experience
Malaysian Tourism industry a huge boost
:Huge losses in 2011,12,13; Aggravation of these in 2014; Huge stake of Malaysian Govt. directly impacts the image of the nation
:Growing Tourism in Malaysia
Expansion in economy flights sector
Degrading brand identity, revenues due to recent accidents
Low Cost airlines Such as Air Asia Capturing Market Share

PESTEL Analysis
: Airlines under continuous terrorist threat
International Tensions impact: MH17 a case in point
Airline scrutiny directly extrapolates to government, being a government owned airline
: Continuously rising fuel prices
Paucity of labor
High maintenance and operating costs
: Recent Accidents, MH17 and MH370 have led to a global dissent. (ticket sales have dropped by 60% in China since MH370 incident)
Changing demographics of air travellers
A general apprehension to fly due to increasing aviation accidents
: Substitutes like video conference coming up
Ever increasing demand to bring down operations costs
: Concept of “Green Flying” coming up
Pressure for CSRs
: Tightly regulated industry
The airline is struggling with lawsuits against it by relatives of recent accident victims
Revamping of the new brand...
The inspiration for the new name comes from two malay words - Kebebasan (Freedom) and Terbang (Fly).

Brand Ambassador - Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar (The Malaysian Astronaut to go to space.. )

So the tagline goes, "Freedom to Fly"
Values we stand for..
Promotion Strategies
The promotion strategy has been divided into three stages.
Pre-launch stage (1st August to 30th August).
The day when... (31st August)
Post-launch stage (1st Sept onwards...)
Re-branding of Malaysian Airlines
Group 8
Press conference addressed by the top authorities of the Malaysian Airlines to reveal the name, logo, tag-line.
Focus on spreading awareness of the new brand among employees and suppliers.
CWG'14 winners in teaser advertisements promoting KepTer airlines.
Advertisements in magazines and social media.
1st Sept'14 - Media publicity (Posters, billboards and advertisements)
Travel sponsorship and advertising contestants of Miss Tourism Malaysian Event'14.
Title sponsorship for Event (31st December).
The Day when...
31st August is celebrated as Malaysian Independence day, as a symbol of freedom we would like to unveil KebeTer Airlines to inspire people to fulfill their dreams of flying freely.
Guerilla Strategy in the beaches of Timon Island and Kota Bharu of Malaysia (as this is the most populated place during this season) with 100 HotAir "Kepter" Balloons for free public ride.
Print publicity from the KebeTer Airlines leadership wishing the Independance day.
Change website Url and Office logos.
Affordable journey and an experience for lifetime.
Quality of service.
Value for time.
External and Internal Analysis
Revamping of Malaysian Airlines
Promotion strategies
Group Members
Riddhima Gohil
Rishi Agarwal
Nihar Dave
Nitesh Agrawal
Shivani Agarwal
Jeish Kumar
Ujjwal Kumar
Soumil Bharti
Samudra Mukherjee
Padmanaban K
Kishan Manupati
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