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Literature Circle Project

No description

Oliver Ye

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Literature Circle Project

Characters Kingdom Keepers -Finn Whitman is a natural born leader. He is a good and quick thinker under pressure and comes up with very creative responses to danger.

-Terrence Maybeck likes to work alone and is a good actor but is very skeptic and sarcastic.

-Dell Philby is very smart and a computer wiz. According to Finn, he seems much older than his 15 years.

-Charlene Turner is the most easily frightened of the Kingdom Keepers but is athletic, good with people and can make friends easily. Finn describes her as a typical American girl.

-Willa Angelo is a very smart girl who likes to follow the rules. She has some unexpected talents like archery.

-Wayne Kresky is a Disney Imagineer who helps the kids by giving hints along the way. He is the one who came up with the idea of DHI's.

-Maleficent is the primary antagonist in this book. She is a witch with pale green skin that can shapeshift. She also has powers that are related to everything cold. Setting This story is set in Disneyland Park, located in Anaheim, California. Most of the story takes place in the Magic Kingdom on various attractions like Splash Mountain and It's a Small World when the Kingdom Keepers cross over and become holograms at night. The setting in this book is half in the "real world" and half in Disneyland as DHI's ( Disney Host Interactive). During the day, the story is also set at Finn's school and the neighboring areas, such as the Wide World of Sports Complex.

Page 1 Paragraph 2:
He felt a breeze on his face; he smelled the wet earth of a flower bed not far away; he heard the distant whine of traffic and the buzz of a motorboat on the lake behind him. Main Street stood empty, not a person in sight.

Page 3 Paragraph 12:
The street lamps shown yellow. The Cinderella Castle glowed in the distance. All familiar streets and paths and attractions but empty. By Oliver and Justin Plot Diagram Initial Incident Rising Action 1 and 2 and 3 Rising Action 4 and 5 Climax Falling Action Resolution Finn appears as a hologram in the middle of Disneyland, where he is met by Wayne, an elderly Imagineer. He learns that there is a mysterious and evil group called the Overtakers who plan to take over the park and that him and 4 other kids, called the Kingdom Keepers, must stop them. 1. Finn and the rest of the Kingdom Keepers are attacked by a group of animatronic pirates, which is their first encounter with the Overtakers. Finn wakes up with a burn on his arm, which finally prompts him to believe that what had happened wasn't his imagination but real.

2. Wayne shows the kids a secret passageway through Cinderella's Castle that leads to Walt Disney's secret hideout and the button used to return them to their normal bodies. There he tells them an old fable, The Stonecutter's Quill, which contains the clues on how to defeat the Overtakers.

3. The Kingdom Keepers go through the park and it's attractions looking for the clues. They eventually find the clues, using 3D glasses, which are letters spray painted on to the various attractions.The letters seem to spell out an anagram: FMP YR TE INS, but the kids can't figure it out. They are also attacked by Maleficent, who they believe to be the leader of the Overtakers. 4. After many weeks, Philby finally cracks the anagram which says MY FIRST PEN, referring to Walt Disney's first pen located in his exhibit at One Man's Dream. Finn enters the exhibit after it closes and is nearly caught by the guards. He grabs the pen but the plans and designs are stolen from him under the door by Maleficent.

5. The Kingdom Keepers meet a few days later at Mickey's Not-so-Scary Halloween Party. Finn, Philby and Maybeck spot Maleficent and follow her to Pirates of the Caribbean. Finn is trapped by Maleficent who throws fireballs at him. Realizing that Walt Disney's pen has magical powers, he uses it to stop the fireballs and then injure Maleficent, stunning her and giving him time to flee. The next day, Finn and the rest of the Kingdom Keepers look for Maleficent, knowing she is weakened. They find her in the underground utilidors and lure her out of the computer room; Finn stabs her with the pen and takes the plans. Maleficent chases them through the park and they eventually end up in Tomorrowland. In the ensuring battle Amanda helps Finn fight Maleficent, but she preoves to be too strong. Finn escapes down a garbage chute with Maleficent in pursuit. After a frantic chase scene in the garbage chute, Finn pops out of the exit. He ends up in a large bin of trash and escapes, while Maleficent lands in a giant net, closed and captured by the Disney Imagineers. Hours later Maleficent is locked up in a cell beneath Pirates of the Caribbean. After Maleficent has been caught, the kids meet up in Walt Disney's secret hideout. Finn touches Walt Disney's first pen to the plans of the park, which causes brilliant fireworks to go off. The rides are all magically fixed and everything becomes more "magical" and returns to tip-top shape. The book ends as the five Kingdom Keepers watch the fireworks explode in the night sky. By Ridley Pearson
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