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My Autobiography

by Elizabeth Wong

Elizabeth Wong

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of My Autobiography

Autobiography Presentation by Elizabeth Wong Self-Image Friends and Neighbors Shannon Falk Personality
upbeat Personality
fun-loving Favorite...
color: purple
song: Firework Noelle can always make me laugh whenever I'm feeling really bored. She always has exciting ideas at the end of her fingertips. Favorite...
color - pink
song - Mean Shannon has been a loyal friend since fourth grade. She loves to sing and knows almost every song. She even makes up some of her own. Shannon is really fun to be around. Paola Sosa Paola has been a loyal friend since kindergarten. Paola is always there for me. She's always been nice to me and cared about other's feelings before herself. A Typical Day On most days, I wake up at 6:00AM. Around 7:00AM I get to the bus stop. Next, I go to art or gym, math, science, and reading. However, on weekends I would still be asleep at 6:00AM. After reading, I head to lunch which is the best time of day because my friends and I talk nonstop. If it were a weekend, I would end up eating lunch while boring myself talking to my sister. I complete my written homework as quickly as possible and then eat dinner. Personality
energetic Favorite...
song - Heartless Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Age: 12 Obituary Elizabeth Wong sadly passed away this Saturday due to a serious case of pneunomia at the age of 100. She grew up in the small town of Tinton Falls which is in New Jersey. She attended Mahala F. Atchison and Swimming River Elementary School, Tinton Falls Middle School, and Monmouth Regional High School. Elizabeth went to Stockton University and later became a pharmacist and worked in a hospital as a doctor for forty years. Soon after, she retired and lived a peaceful life in Seabrook Village. She wrote seventeen books on controversial topics and strongly stated her position. Elizabeth Wong has inspired many young writers to speak their minds. She won a Newbery Award and a Nobel Peace Prize. Elizabeth was known for being compassionate, considerate, generous, and determined. Superstitions My "lucky" object is a bear I received as from my grandfather before he died. When I hold the bear I feel like my grandfather is has come back to life to give me advice or to comfort me. Although I got the bear when I was two, it is still comforting to me. Family The Future Wanted Rules for Living Elizabeth Wong (1998-2098) Janel has been my friend since fourth grade. She understands me the best and I can always depend on her. Noelle Rivas Janel Hanley Personality
clever Favorite....
song-Stronger Favorite...
song - Firework
color - maroon I like to be helpful and optimistic. Personality
compassionate At night, I read and do studying. Then I go to sleep and wait until the next boring day begins. My family includes my two cousins, dad, mom, sister, and brother. They all have their traits whether good or bad. My two cousins, Irene and Jacquline, are both fun to be around. My sister, Christine, is dependable and responsible. My brother, Michael, is usually mean and lazy. My dad is humorous. Lastly, my mom is compassionate. 1. Treat others how you want to be treated.
2. When you're optimistic, you're likely to succeed.
3. Stop a stitch in time saves nine. This means don't procrastinate. My perfect house spectacular inside and outside. Outside, I want a perfect pool and calming stone garden. The twenty acres of land that I'll buy has perfectly green grasses and are maintained every day. The interior consists of aquarium, kitchen, and many bedrooms. My dream house is "the best house ever made" according to professional home designers. Five years from now, I will be in my senior year of high school. I will already decided to pursue a premedical studies program and will have decided where I will attend college. Ten years from now, I will have received my Medical degree and will have started my residency in a hospital. Twenty years from now, I will be in private practice as a pediatrician. I will be married and have 3 children of my own. Fifty years from now, I will be preparing to retire from medicine because I want to spend more time with my family. I will plan to write many books in my retirement. 50 5 years from now 10 years from now years from now 20 years from now Heritage:China charm bracelets bring good luck everything happens in 3s
-bad luck & good luck of Elizabeth Wong (1998-2098) garden kitchen bedroom pool aquarium
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