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gracia lee

on 24 February 2014

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Essential Elements of the Portfolio
What is a Portfolio
It is a purposeful collection of student work that exhibits the student's efforts, progress and achievements in one or more areas.
What is Portfolio Assessment
One of the several authentic and non - traditional assessment techniques in education.
develops awareness of students' own learning

caters to individual in a heterogeneous class.

develop social skills

develops independent and active learners

can improve motivation for learning and thus achievement

provides opportunity for student - teacher dialogue.
Portfolio assessment possesses several features and essential characteristics which are enumerated below:

form of assessment that students do together with teachers
represents a selction of what the students believe are best to be included from the collections
provide samples of student's work which shows growth overtime
criterias for selecting and assessing
Purposes of Portfolio Assessment
Matches assessment to teaching

Has clear goals

Gives a profile of learner's abilities in therms of depth, breadth, and growth.

A tool for assessing a variety of skills not normally testable in a single setting for traditional testing.
Features and Principles of Portfolio Assessment
Every Portfolio must contain the following essential elements :
(summarizes the evidences )
"about the Author"

"What my Portfolio shows about my progress as a learner"
Table of Contents
With numbers
both core and optional
Date on all entries, to facilitate proof of growth over time
Drafts of Oral and written products and revise versions
Reflections can appear at different stages in learning process
For each item a brief rationale for choosing the item should be included
Identifying teaching goals to assess through Portfolio
In this stage, teacher should be clear about the hopes to achieve in teaching
Introducing the idea of portfolio assessment to your class
Specification of Portfolio content
specify what and how much have to be included in the portfolio
Giving clear and detailed guideline for portfolio presentation
Informing key school officials, parents a other stakeholders
Development of the Portfolio
both students and teacher need support and encouragement at this stage in the process of portfolio development
Stages in Implementing Portfolio Assessment
Documentation Portfolio
involves a collection of work over time showing growth and improvement
Process Portfolio
demonstrate all facets or phases of learning process.
Showcase Portfolio
it shows the best of the students' outputs and products
Different types pf Portfolio exist for assessing student performance
They differ from each other depending on the purposes or objectives set for the overall classroom assessment program.
Portfolios offer a way of assessing student learning that is different from traditional methods.
Portfolio assessment provides the teacher and students an opportunity to observe students in a broader context.
Detailed criteria may be evolved to evaluate the finished portfolio presented by the students.
Completeness, correctness, and appropriateness of products and process presented in the portfolio.

Diversities of entries
Growth and development
Understanding and application of the key process
Assessing and Evaluating the Portfolios
Paulson and Meyer (1991, p.63)
It involves the following :
The main philosophy embedded in portfolio assessment is
"shared and active assessment"
Throughout meetings of this kind, the formative evaluation process for portfolio assessment is facilitated.
Finally, student - teacher conferences can also be used for summative evaluation purposes when the student presents his final portfolio product and where final grades are determined together with the teacher.
Student-Teacher Conferences

Presented by:

Mary Grace Rebucas
Cristyl Elena Rola
Elizabeth Sembrano
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