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Stephanie Whitten

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Australia/Biomes

Our questions
Biomes in Australia-
What biomes are in Australia?
What are the biomes like?
Why should we protect the biomes?
How important is the life in Australia?
How do the oceans help us to understand the change in Australia?
Our Research
What biomes are in Australia?
Tropical rainforest
Shrub land
Temperate rainforest
Woodlands and grasslands
There is a total of 7 biomes.
More Research
How do the oceans help us understand the change in Australia?
A network of nine different sites off the coast of Australia is providing physical, chemical and biological information to help scientists better understand Australia's coral reefs.
Oceanic observations allow and help scientists to track the changes in the ecosystems.

More Research
What are the biomes like?
The Savanna is a huge grassland with very warm weather. There is only 2 season's, wet and dry.
The desert in Australia is very hot and the rainfall is very low.
In the rainforest the temperatures are around 80 degrees with a humidity of 77% to 88%. It can rain all day.
Coral reef/Ocean- The temperature is between 70 to 85 degrees.
Grassland - has cold winters. The temperatures are usually 40 to 70 degrees.

More Research
Why should we protect the biomes?
Australia has one of the most richest areas of endemic species on the planet, and the most diverse habitats.
Currently only 11.5% of Australia's landmass has a form of security as a protected area. As a result they have the worst records of mammal extinction and any near extinction for any developed country.
More Research
How important is the life in Australia?

Australia is the continent with the most marsupials
There are more than 140 kinds of marsupials that live in Australia
18 known exotic animals have established feral populations in Australia, with some cats and foxes responsible for extinction of a couple native animals
80% of all the mammals, reptiles, and frogs are found nowhere else in the world
Kangaroos, koalas, platypuses, echichas, dingo, wallabies, and wombats are found nowhere else in the world!
Challenges facing Australia's biomes-
How have the biomes changed in Australia?
What biodiversity problems do Australia face and how do they deal with them?
Does the Challenges of each biome effect the species living in them?
What kind of things hurt biodiversity there?
Our Research
How have the biomes changed
in Australia?
Humans have changed many biomes by...
over fishing
over hunting
land clearing
unwelcome species
Many animals have become extinct in the last 200 years. There is a lot of extinction in Australia.

By: Halle and Jordan
More Research
What kind of biodiversity problems does Australia face?
Many of the Australians temperate zones and coastal ecosystems have been altered and the wetlands have been degraded.
All of the climate change and invasive species are the agents of radical changes. These changes have been tearing through Australia's environment.

Our top ten biodiversity problems:
climate change
sustainable cities

More Research
Do the challenges of each biome effect the species living there?
Things that effect Australia's species:
invasive plants and animals

Animals depend on the environment and things around them, if the environment is destroyed they might not be able to survive.
More Research
What kinds of things hurt biodiversity in Australia?
After forests are cut down and burned, all of the carbon dioxide they have removed from the air before, is now let out back into the air
In the last 300 years the elimination of the forests have estimated to be somewhere between 200 and 250 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the air
The deforestation is responsible for a massive 18% to 25% of all the global carbon emissions (greater than the world cars, trucks, and planes combined)
Our Questions
Benefits of Australia's biomes:
What are the benefits of the biomes?
What are the main benefits of Australia?
Our Research
What are the benefits of the biomes?
Benefits of Australia's biomes:

Most animals and plants occur nowhere else
more frogs and reptiles
99% more animals then anywhere else
98% more plants
97% more amphibians
45% more birds
83% of these animals are nowhere else
More Research
What are the main benefits of Australia?
When a coral reef is healthy it provides many things such as a habitat to over 1 million diverse aquatic species and thousands of fish species. It can also provide many jobs in over 100 countries around the world, food for people, protection of natural coastal cities and medicine for many of the worlds diseases.
Australia is one of the many mega diverse countries. It is a home to between 700,000 and 600,000 species, many of them live nowhere else in the world. Only 16% of plants, 17% of mammals, and 55% of birds are found somewhere else in the world .
Our Resources
Central idea
Biodiversity relies on the balance between species and their environment.

Key concepts:
- Empathy - Form
- Appreciation -Responsibility
- Change
Profile Attributes:

T- skills:
- Open-minded - Social skills
- Caring - Research skills
- Principled
We will leave you with this video!
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